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200 Achievements

Celebrating our past, looking toward the future

The Forrest Building was Dalhousie's home from 1887 - 1914, and has housed the Schools of Nursing, Physiotherapy and Occupational Therapy since 1985. (Dalhousie Archives photo)

Throughout 2018, the Faculty of Health will be highlighting 200 health achievements from our Faculty’s rich history of teaching, scholarship and service. We invite submissions from all members of the Dal Health community. The goal of this initiative is to recognize the significant impact the Faculty and its members have had on health care, health education and health research to date. Promising research and other ongoing endeavors are also welcome.

As a whole, the 200 achievements are intended to reflect the breadth and diversity of the Faculty’s contributions to health. To this end, emphasis will be placed on including achievements representing:

  • Each Dal Health unit and profession
  • Accomplishments from the histories of the Schools and Faculty
  • Research
  • Teaching and learning
  • Contributions to the community at large
  • Administration
  • Leadership

All submissions that touch on any of the above areas are welcome.

Selection criteria

In reviewing submissions, the planning group will consider whether and how the achievement reflects at least one of the following criteria:

  • Represents international, national, & local impact
  • Received significant funding (50K and above)
  • Received mainstream media coverage
  • Incorporated meaningful community involvement
  • Improved standards of patient/client care
  • Forwarded professional standards, changed practice or built body of evidence that lead to policy change
  • Improved the student experience
  • Led to innovations within the field/profession
  • Addressed disparities in access or inclusion for marginalized groups
  • Enhanced public health knowledge


Some examples of achievements that could be included:

  • Appointment of Dr. Wanda Thomas Bernard to the Senate of Canada
  • Leadership in establishment of IPE, including the opening of the CHEB
  • Establishment of Dal’s first affirmative action committee, now the committee on diversity and inclusion

Contact us

Have a question for the 200 Achievements Planning Committee?  Contact us on healthcomms@dal.ca