Terms and Guidelines

Who can be a Postdoctoral Fellow?

If a person has completed all of the requirements for his or her PhD within the last six years (all courses, thesis, defence, and final submission of thesis copies to the university) and is just waiting to graduate, he/she can begin a Postdoctoral Fellowship. If a person has not yet defended his or her thesis, he/she is not eligible to be a Postdoctoral Fellow.

A Postdoctoral Fellow cannot hold an academic appointment at Dalhousie University.

For how long can I be a Postdoctoral Fellow?

The Postdoctoral Fellowship is intended as a continuation of the apprenticeship process, culminating in a fully-qualified scientist or scholar. The Postdoctoral Fellowship also gives such scientist scholars an opportunity to create an independent research program. On these principles, a Postdoctoral Fellowship can be held at Dalhousie University in the six years following completion of his or her PhD. For example, a person who finished his or her PhD in 2011 is eligible to be a Postdoctoral Fellow until December 2017.

Can MDs be Postdoctoral Fellows?

Yes. MDs are eligible to be PDFs as long as they have obtained their MDs within ten years of the date of the application.

Who administers Postdoctoral Fellows at Dalhousie University?

The Faculty of Graduate Studies has responsibility for the oversight of the PDF programs and policies, and for approving the classification and terms of the PDF fellowships.

The faculty supervisor is responsible for ensuring the PDF is adequately supervised and administered in compliance with university policies.