Donald Hill Family Postdoctoral Fellowship

Application Guidelines and Documentation

This competition is closed as all available positions are currently filled.  As a position becomes available in any of the applicable Faculties (Medicine, Computer Science or Arts and Social Sciences) it will be advertised, in cooperation with that Faculty, through Dalhousie’s employment opportunities site.  


Dr. Donald Hill, a Dalhousie alumnus with a distinguished career in business, medicine and research, has created three prestigious post-doctoral fellowships in 2018 in the areas of Medicine, Computer Science and Arts and Social Sciences. These fellowships have been created to accelerate the careers of recent doctoral graduates engaged in leading-edge research who have also demonstrated an interest in the impact of technology on broader society.

For the next century, science and technology is going to impact society and culture in ways similar to what the introduction of agriculture brought in the Neolithic age, and what the industrial revolution brought to western civilization. Advances in digital technology continues to fuel exponential growth in almost every discipline of science and engineering. The impact of this growth on society will be immense and often mixed, and is still largely unknown. Academic and industrial leaders of these advances do not always consider the broader societal impacts within potential value assessments. It is Dr. Hill’s desire to reach the next generation of scientists to increase dialogue and understanding of the broader societal impact of emerging technology, promoting a culture of accountability for the future of society.

While the primary focus of the post-doctoral fellowships is advancement within each individual field of Medicine, Computer Science and Humanities/Social Sciences, it is an expectation that fellows will become engaged and appreciate the necessity and benefits of interfacing with a wide diversity of disciplines, knowledge, and cultures to recognize and solve emerging challenges. The intent is not to develop answers, but to become skilled at framing the entire scope of these challenges and exploring/inventing different vehicles and methodologies to seek comprehensive solutions.


If successful, the fellowship experience gained within this 3-year program will:

  • Have offered an unimpeded opportunity to pursue research of the fellow’s choice in their specific area of expertise.
  • Lead to a heightened level of awareness, knowledge, and expertise in broader societal responsibilities that fellows will carry with them during the rest of their careers and pass on to the future generations they mentor and teach.
  • Improve, morph and change as it matures during these first 3 years.
  • Be embraced and accepted, with elements becoming part of the curriculum in the broader Dalhousie community.
  • Be robust of idea, effort and outcome, earning greater reputation for the Fellows, Dalhousie, Nova Scotia and Canada in societal accountability.
  • Add the attractive, intangible element of societal accountability to the industrial growth effort that Dalhousie currently supports in Nova Scotia.

General Qualifications

The Donald Hill Family Postdoctoral Fellowships are intended to foster research in the areas of Medicine, Computer Science and Arts and Social Science; new scholars and scholars already at Dalhousie University are eligible to apply. Successful applicants must take up the fellowship position under the supervision or co-supervision of at least one faculty member within these areas. Applicants who are currently registered in a Doctoral program are expected to complete their doctorate by the start date of the Fellowship.  Applicants who have already completed their doctorate must have done so within the past 3 years. Individuals who hold a permanent academic position to which they will return will not be considered. Exceptions may be made in the case of individuals who, for example, are substantially changing their field of research.

Fellowships are restricted to Canadian citizens and permanent residents. Dalhousie University is committed to fostering a collegial culture grounded in diversity and inclusiveness. The university encourages applications from Aboriginal people, persons with disability, racially visible persons, women, persons of minority sexual orientations and gender identities, and all candidates who would contribute to diversity of our community. 

Questions on eligibility for these Fellowships are decided by the Associate Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies, to whom any inquiries may be directed.


Fellowships are awarded for a term of up to three years at Dalhousie University, subject to annual renewal.


Three (3) new fellowships shall be awarded under the current call for applications. The fellowships are valued at up to $55,000 annually, inclusive of benefits. There is no relocation allowance associated with this award, although individual Faculty are encouraged to provide this as part of their institutional support for a given applicant.


Fellows are not required to engage in formal teaching duties. If a Fellow chooses to engage in teaching and other similar duties in the University, such activities may not exceed an average of three contact hours per week within any 1-year period of the fellowship. No other paid work at Dalhousie or elsewhere may be undertaken by a Fellow without the permission of the Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies.