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OFI ‑ International Postdoctoral Program

Posted by Faculty of Graduate Studies on December 8, 2017 in Awards

The International Postdoctoral Program is a transnational program offering an opportunity to be a part of leading teams of expert researchers on innovative research projects related to OFI’s research

Postdoctoral fellowships are for two-year terms, and applicants are expected to spend half of the award period at Dalhousie and the other half at one of OFI’s international partner institutions. The program will involve research collaboration among principal investigators.

Eligibility: Scholars who have completed all of the requirements of their PhD degree by the program start date and within the last four years (all courses, thesis, defence, and final submission of thesis copies to the university) are eligible to begin an OFI International Postdoctoral fellowship. Those who have not yet defended their theses are not eligible.

Terms: The awards are for two years and are non-renewable. The award provides for CAD$55,000/year in salary, and up to CAD$20,000 for benefits (including health), travel and living costs.

Number of Awards: There will be a maximum of 10 fellowships active at any time.

Field: Research areas must align with OFI research.

Deadline: January 31st

For more informaiton please see the OFI's website.