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DAGS: Graduate Student Mental Health Awareness Week

Posted by Faculty of Graduate Studies on October 2, 2017 in News

DAGS will be having a Graduate Student Mental Health Awareness Week from October 16th - 19th. This  week will be dedicated to equipping graduate students with the skills and information they need to have good mental health and wellness during their year. A formal agenda will follow, but they are looking for graduate students to sit on panels and be involved! The panels they are looking to have graduate students on are:

  • Student Supervisor Relationships - a panel on what a good student/supervisor relationship looks like (1 graduate student)
  • Graduate Student Parents - a panel on how to balance life as a parent and life as a graduate student (2-3 graduate students)
  • Graduate Student Experience - a panel on how graduate students coped with loneliness, imposter syndrome, etc (2-3 graduate students)
  • Teaching/TAing - a panel on how to maintain good mental health while teaching/TAing (1-2 graduate students)

They will also be having a day dedicated to research being done by graduate students on mental health and wellbeing.  

If you would like to take part in any of these panels, or if you would like to present your research on mental health and wellbeing, please email president@dags.ca, and include when you would be free during the 16th - 19th of October.