Postdoctoral Fellows Research Day 2017

Proudly presented by the Dalhousie Postdoctoral Society
and the Faculty of Graduate Studies

Postdoctoral fellows play a significant role at Dalhousie, as they do at all research intensive universities, contributing in various ways to teaching and research. The purpose of the research day is to share the research of postdoctoral fellows at Dalhousie University to increase their profile, and to provide them with professional development, presenting and learning opportunities.

To have postdocs from across all of Dalhousie’s campuses gather to

  • Have an opportunity to present their research in a non-conventional way (i.e. 3 minute presentations) suitable for a general audience
  • Have opportunities for cross disciplinary networking
  • Have opportunities for evaluation (i.e. judge and give feedback on presentations)
  • Learn about support and opportunities available to them at, and outside of Dalhousie University
  • Hear from inspirational early career researchers
  • Feel valued as an important group of researchers within the University

Event open to:

  • Dalhousie postdoctoral fellows
  • Supervisors, and other interested academics and faculty
  • Senior PhD students

Session types:

  • Three minute presentations – postdoctoral fellows will be invited to participate in these sessions to discuss their research topic, present results of original studies or reviews or present future research protocols (NB: the research presented does not have to have been completed at Dal, to allow for new postdocs to present)
  • Poster presentations – postdoctoral fellows will be encouraged to bring a poster for display (e.g. one that they have already prepared/printed for a previous conference).
  • Invited keynote speakers with panel – we will invite 3-4 local speakers who are
    • Early in their career and from a variety of departments/backgrounds
    • Have taken varied paths from their PhD to current career
    • Have a particular skill that is useful for postdocs (e.g. media, stakeholder engagement, teaching/mentoring/service to students, innovation etc.)




Great Hall, Dalhousie University Club


Registration is free thanks to generous support from the Faculty of Graduate Studies and other Dalhousie Faculties.

Additional Information


Please register for catering purposes before November 8th.

If you are a postdoc, your attendance and participation is particularly encouraged! Please submit to present here and visit our website or email us for more information. Presentation submissions close on November 3rd at 5pm.