2018 Schedule of Preliminary Heats
(Bold text, in listing, indicates the winner of each heat.)

Monday, March 5th

10-11am Heat 1
Susan Manning Political Science Communities Matter!
Anjali Ghimire Pharmacology Improving recovery of the heart after surgery.
Erik Richard Kinesiology The Effects of Neck Exercise on Balance
Jocelyn Campbell Occupational Therapy Once Upon A Time in Cambodia
Ahmad Almallah Civil & Resource Engineering The effect of fiber reinforced polymer pile under axial load
Patrick Duplessis Physics & Atmospheric Science Marine fog in Atlantic Canada
Jasmin Astle Biomedical Engineering How To Build a Tendon
Navid Eskandari Electrical & Computer engineering Underwater Beamforming
Abdulhadi Alqarni Computer Science Enhancing users behaviour towards privacy settings in SNSs
11am-12pm Heat 2
Breanne Cameron Physiology & Biophysics Tugging at Heart Strings: the Role of Stretch in Abnormal Heart Rhythm
Svenja Huntemann Mathematics & Statistics Going to Better Places
Sarah Shah Biochemistry & Molecular Biology Genome of Blastocystis sp. isolated from the cockroach Blatta orientalis
Laura Hall Psychology & Neuroscience The NOT very hungry caterpillar: Eating while ill can be risky
Erin Barry Physiotherapy Active and Neuromuscular Control of the Lumbar Spine
Grant Sullivan Interdisciplinary PhD Program Rural Sourcing - A study of the factors that influence firms to transport work into more rural regions.
Noelle Ozog Nursing Assessing the Feasibility of Influenza Immunization During Emergency Department “Wait Times”
Lorenza Raimondi Oceanography Where is our Carbon Dioxide going?
Mohamed Elgayar Political Science Tale of Two Powers
Chao-Yu Loung Pathology Apple anti-oxidants and cancer – does Dr. Oz have a point?
1-2pm Heat 3
Britney Benoit Nursing Does breastfeeding reduce pain in the newborn brain?
Molly Fredeen Resource & Environmental Studies Doing something good: a tale of gardens and culture
Chinenye Ndulue Computer Science STD PONG: Crushing STDs in Africa through Games
Vinothkumar Rajan Microbiology & Immunology Fishing for Cure using a Humanized Zebrafish
Ziwa Yu Nursing A Holistic Approach to Cervical Cancer Prevention & Treatment Among Inuit Communities: Using Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit (IQ) to Guide the Development of Culturally Competent Care 
Leah Crowell Sociology & Social Anthropology Incarcerated Young Adults: Context and Support
Dylan Miller Psychology & Neuroscience Zombie Caterpillars and Wasp Puppeteers: How does this parasite makes its host never eat again?
Marc Cormier Physics & Atmospheric Science How really big computers can help build better batteries to power your car and even your home
Matthew Short Kinesiology Feasibility and Effectiveness of EMG Controlled FES
2-3pm Heat 4
Rachel Ollivier Nursing Exploring Maternal Sexual Health Using Feminist Post-Structuralism
Mohammad Hesam Hafezi Civil & Resource Engineering An Agent-based Shorter-term Individual Decision Simulator
Emily Howes Vallis Psychiatry Can cognition predict future mental illness?
Philipp Knopf Pathology Novel strategies for the prognosis and diagnosis of multiple myeloma.
Kevin  LeBlanc Psychology & Neuroscience Grasping the future
Nagamalar Nagarajan Electrical & Computer engineering SLAM Dunk: Robots in search and rescue missions
John Noel Chemistry Bringing the Heat: Materials for Thermal Energy Storage
Neda Alizadeh Health Managing fatigue to improving daily lives of people with Parkinson`s Disease
Reddi Yalamala Social Anthropology Whose Reality Counts? Reconfiguration of Science and Technology of Subalterns.
Mohammad Abo Gamar Biology Effects of main climate change components on Arabidopsis thaliana

Tuesday, March 6th

10-11am Heat 5
Loay Jabre Biology The Phytoplankton That Could
Colin Conrad Interdisciplinary PhD Program Measuring Passive Attention in Information Technology Research
Kirthiraj Nagaraj Internetworking Internetworking
Lin Ma Chemistry Building better batteries
Kristal Ambrose Marine Affairs 'Trash Talkin' in Paradise
Jenny Hayward Civil & Resource Engineering Rise of antibiotic resistance in the environment
Eilidh MacDonald Physiology & Biophysics Illuminating the heart: using light to control heart rhythm
Rafael Amarante Process Engineering & Applied Science Design, Modelling, and Evaluation of a Modular Membrane Contactor for Liquid and Gas Separations
Sara Saleh Physiotherapy The effect of knee swelling on walking characteristics in individuals with knee osteoarthritis
Brianna Richardson Nursing The Effect of an eHealth Learning Platform on Parental Engagement with Infant Pain Management
11am-12pm Heat 6
Allie Carew Community Health & Epidemiology Heart 2 Heart: How Pregnancy May Help Identify Women at Risk of Future Heart Disease and Stroke
Naznin Sultana Daisy Civil & Resource Engineering Microsimulation of Activity-Travel Behavior of Population Cohorts
Amelia Barnes Resource & Environmental Studies Where are the animals crossing the roads? Investigating wildlife-road interactions in the Chignecto Isthmus
Ghdeer Tashkandi Interdisciplinary PhD Program A personalized pre-anesthesia patient education application for Saudi patients.
Drew DeBay Medical Neuroscience  Towards an early diagnosis of Alzheimer’s disease 
Qi Wang Oceanography Calm Down the Ocean Engine: Surface Wave Effects on the Upper Ocean Response to Storms
Carolyn Marshall Agriculture Soil Carbon: The Underdog in the Fight Against Climate Change
Keisha Jefferies Nursing Addressing Black Health Disparities Through Representation in Nursing Leadership
Bryan Maciag Earth Sciences Arsenic: Every Ion has its Electrons
1-2pm Heat 7
Alyson Zwicker Pathology Do genes predict mental illness?
Christopher DeWolfe Psychology & Neuroscience Gender Differences in Physical Activity are Partially Explained by Anxiety Sensitivity
Savrina Goldenberg Kinesiology Movement Related Increases in Blood Pressure During Arm Crank
Keith MacMaster Law Environmental Funds – Public and Private Equity –   Are they truly unique or just more of the same? 
Reza Rahimi Civil & Resource Engineering A.I. in engineering
Chris Peacock Physics & Atmospheric Science The strange shape of compressed microscopic biological ropes
Koustubh  Bindiganavile Sudarshan Electrical & Computer Engineering Multi source relocation using Time reversal
Danielle Crawford Agriculture Integrating Irrigation With Modern Technology
Abraham Nunes Computer Science Value-Agnostic Decision Making in Bulimia Nervosa
Ping Lu Interdisciplinary PhD Program Why older people practice Tai Chi
Maral Aali Physiology & Biophysics The immune system: a double-edged sword
2-3pm Heat 8
Lydia Muyingo Psychology & Neuroscience Til Drink Do Us Part: A Meta-analysis of the Partner Influences on Alcohol Use
Farshid Hajhashemi Varnosfaderani Computer Science Deep Biomarkers
Namit Holay Pathology Don’t forget your vitamins: The immune system remembers!
Hayden Nix Biomedical Engineering Chemotherapy-Loaded Microscopic Beads
Phillip Joy Faculty of Health Through the Looking Glass: A Gay Men's Photovoice Project on Nutrition and Body Image
Niluni Wijesundara Biology A plant molecule against Strep throat bug!
Molly Elliott Industrial Engineering The Offload Zone: A statistical and simulation analysis of a new program for reducing ambulance wait times
Cui Lin Civil & Resource Engineering 3D underground stresses: back analysis from well deformation measurements

Wednesday, March 7th

10-11am Heat 9
Georgeta Bauer Mechanical Engineering Would you let a robot read your mind?
Sydney Breneol Nursing Improving transitions in care for children with medical complexity
Leili Abkar Civil & resource engineering Bio filtration, Green Drinking water treatment  technology
Alex Ryken Psychology & Neuroscience The Rhythm of Reading
Beth Castle Microbiology & Immunology Actin up: how cell shape can control inflammation during viral infection
Paola Beneras Economics Understanding Child Labour
Satbir Kaur Physics & Atmospheric science Measurement of proton radii of neutron rich oxygen isotopes.
Miria Bernardino Computer Science Stalking genes
Joshua Goreham Health Sport Science: Transforming athletes from novice to world class performers
11-12pm Heat 10
Grant MacNeil Microbiology & Immunology Tipping the Scales of Viral Latency
Emad Sadoon Industrial Engineering A Framework for Logistics Management in the Clinical Trial Industry: An Extension of the State-of-the Art using Contemporary Software Architecture and Tools
Tristan Guest Oceanography Patterns on the beach: From grains to coastlines
Brianne Cruickshank Pathology The Missing Link: New Treatment Strategies for Breast Cancer
Madumani Amararathna Interdisciplinary PhD Program Let’s eat nature’s medicine, “HASKAP” to fight cancer 
Filip Kosel Psychology & Neuroscience Social deficits in the 5xFAD mouse model of Alzheimer's disease
Sri Raghu Padyath Ravindran Electrical & Computer Engineering Underwater Wireless Energy Transfer
Ivan Okello International Development Studies Gender dynamics within copreneur-run small and micro enterprises in Uganda.
Martha Paynter Nursing Pregnancy in Prison
Arash Kayhani Computer Science Model based evolutionary strategies
Sterling Edmonds Health Administration Assessing progressivity and catastrophic effect of out-of-pocket payments for healthcare in Canada: 1998-2014
1-2 Heat 11
Emile Feniyanos Biomedical Engineering The Big & Small of Sprains & Strains
Eman Alyami Interdisciplinary PhD Program To Tweet or Not to Tweet: Saudi women's identity in the social media era
Justine Dol Health Essential Coaching for Every Mother (ECEM): An educational training program for mothers of newborns in Tanzania
Casey Jones Pharmacology The role of the gut virome in pediatric Crohn's disease
Harveer Singh Srain Resource & Environment Studies Understanding concentration and risk assessment of pharmaceutical and personal care products (PPCPs) in the aquatic ecosystems
Sabrina Sarah Electrical & Computer Engineering Design of a new terahertz nanowaveguide amplifier
S M Asif Iqbal Physics & Atmospheric Science Stress Relaxation Mechanism of Single Collagen Fibril
Wasitha Thilakarathna Agriculture Functional foods for cancer prevention
Sarah Kraeutner Psychology & Neuroscience Thinking through to better learning
2-3 Heat 12
Krysta Coyle Pathology A medical revolution: precision medicine for cancer
Nisha Simon Computer Science Automatic Term Extraction
Brittany Kraus English Face to Face: Realizing the Refugee in Contemporary Canadian Theatre and Performance Art
Emily Pelley Interdisciplinary PhD Program Support for Refugee Young People in Halifax, NS
Elizabeth MacKay Psychology & Neuroscience Building blocks of reading comprehension: The importance of sentence structure.
Landon Getz Microbiology & Immunology Disease-Causing Bacteria Living Dual-Lifestyles
Asma Bashirivand Resource & Environment Studies Design a Sustainable food production system for cold climate areas in Canada
Blenson Paul Mechanical Engineering Repurposed EV battery storage.
Sima Rezaeipourfarsangi Computer Science Deep Learning
Hilary McSherry Musicology Music and Diplomacy
Helen Pinsent English Policing, Politics, and the Peelian Principles in Terry Pratchett's Night Watch