Student Research & Areas of Study

Examples of current student research:

Nathan Ayer

"Dismantling the Green Machine: A practical and philosophical examination of technology assessment by way of an LCA of wood biomass energy applications in Nova Scotia"

Julie Bailey

“Incorporating Sustainable Energy Decisions in Agriculture”

Colin Conrad

"Leveraging Cognitive Tracking Data for Measuring E-Learning Effectiveness"

Kiley Daley

"Modelling Exposure Pathways and Human Health Risks Associated with Wastewater Treatment in Inuit Communities"

Anh Dang

"Studying the Spread of Misinformation in Online Social Networks - An Interdisciplinary Approach"

Hilary Doda

"Common Threads:  Textile Culture and Community Identity Formation in Pre-Expulsion Acadia"

Cynthia Kendell

"The Impact of Health Information Legislation on Health Research in Nova Scotia"

Lama Khoshaim

"The Second Screen Experience:  Exploring Social Media Communications on Second Screens While Watching TV" 

Joseph Loot

"Enhancing Protection of Seafarers:  Reconciling Human Rights, State Sovereignty, and Global Commerce in Mechanisms to Enforce International Maritime Labour Standards in the Philippines"

Catherine MacKeigan

"Theatre’s Positioning For Regional Development Within Nova Scotia:
Navigating The Relationship Of The Arts And Public Policy"

Jieni Muaror-Wilson

"Understanding the Relationship between Risk and Resilience in a Small-Scale Coastal Fishery System:  Experiences from Southwest New Brunswick, Canada and the South Western Cape Area, South Africa"

Julia Poertner

“Between Literary History and the Law of the Sea: The Works of Elisabeth Mann Borgese”

Rebecca Spencer

"Picture Perfect? Gazing into Girls' Health, Physical Activity and Nutrition Through Photovoice"

Grant Sullivan

"Rural Sourcing:  The Influence of Regional Economic Policy and Human Capital Metrics on Corporate Decisions to Transport Work (Economic Value Creation) to Rural Areas of Canada" 

Crystal Sweeney

"Investigation of Carcinogenic Pesticide-associated N-nitrosamines in Human Serum and Urine in Prince Edward Island".

Mirjam Held

"Understanding how the Western and Inuit knowledge systems can improve the sustainability of fisheries in Nunavut, Canada"

Emily Pelley

“Canada's Policy Response to Refugee Young People from War -Affected Regions: The Case of Haliax, NS"

Lindsay Wallace

"Understanding the role of frailty in dementia disease expression"

Cathy Fournier

"Space for the sacred in Canadian health care: The integration of Indigenous medicines into cancer care"

Shanna Trenaman

"Sex-based analysis of drug us in older adults with dementia"

Sinan Hussain

"Allocations based on benefits instead of "catch history" in Indian Ocean tuna fisheries

Amany Aly

"Feasibility of the implementation of Discharge to Assess program (D2A) for frail older adults in the Emergency Department: Translating research into practice"

Eman Alyami

"Women's Social Identity Formation on Twitter: The case of Saudi Arabia"

Jennifer MacLatchy

"Changing the Narrative of Marine Debris: Artistic Interventions for Environmental Justice in the Anthropocene"

Helen Packer

"How can seafood businesses support developing world small-scale tuna fisheries through corporate social responsibility programs?'