Defence Titles

Surname First Names Defence Date Thesis Title
Ireland Alica 1990 An intelligent decision support system for debt management
Rohkmin Dahuri 1992 An approach to coastal resource utilization: The nature and role of sustainable development in East Kalimantan coastal zone, Indonesia
Manuel Patricia 1992 A landscape approach to the interpretation, evaluation and management of wetlands
Juckes Timothy 1993 The individual-society connection: Action and change in the lives of Matthews, Mandela and Biko
Si Zhizhong 1993 A theoretical framework for social impact analysis with special reference to population relocation at the Mactaquac Dam Project on the Saint John River
Unruh Anita 1996 The influence of gender on appraisal of pain and pain coping strategies
Boyle Mark 1997 Database querying with direct manipulation
Beazley Karen 1998 A focal-species approach to biodiversity management in Nova Scotia
McGraw Patricia 1998 Changing contracts: The impact of lender environmental liability on secured debt, corporate financing and public policy
Haak Christian 2000 The concept of equilibrium in population ecology
Clovis Joanne 2000 Professionalism in dental hygiene: An investigation of knowledge of oral cancer and public policy
Neeru Shrestha 2000 Forest control, development and state formation in Nepal
Muhammad Yusran 2002 Ponggawa-sawi relationship in co-management: An interdisciplinary analysis of coastal resource management in South Sulawesi, Indonesia
Comeau Margaret Nancy 2003 Framing solutions: Adolescent girls and their relationships with alcohol
Fanning Lucia 2003 Towards an understanding of the role of core values and policy networks to influence decision-making in an evolving ocean governance era: A Maritimes Canada study
MacInnes W. Joseph 2003 Learning dynamic stereotypes for effective autonomous agents
Loppie Charlotte 2004 Grandmothers' voices: Mi'kmaq women and menopause
Penaloza Eladio 2004 Electronic commerce and the strategic management of deep-sea container shipping companies: An exploratory study
Jahangir Alireza 2004 Thermomechanical characterization of rapid thermal denaturation in load-bearing collagenous cardiac tissues under isometric constraints
Maddelena Victor 2005 Attending to the health needs of African Nova Scotians: Exploring the role of district health authorities
Angulo-Valdes Jorge 2005 Effectiveness of a Cuban marine protected area in meeting multiple management objectives
Groves Kent 2006 The influence of pharmaceutical marketing activity, practice characteristics and physician profile on physician prescribing behaviour
Bruce Beth 2007 Risk taking among children with and without ADHD
Paterson Grace 2007  
Arce-Ibarra Ana Mineva 2007 Livelihoods, aquatic resources and non-monetary values of local natural resources in Mexico's Lowland Maya area
Luttermann Annette 2007 Historical changes in the riparian habitats of Labrador's Churchill River due to flow regulation: The imperative of cumulative effects assessment
Gilbert Bruce 2007 Collaborative synergy in resource and environmental management
Flouris Andreas 2007 The functional architecture of the human thermoregulatory system
Ackroyd-Stolarz Stacy 2008 Patient safety in an aging population: Challenges & strategies for change
Lipp Judith 2008 Greening the grid: Policy considerations for renewable electricity in Canada
Durrant Matthew 2008 A Study of the determinants of body mass index in a population of Nova Scotia youth
O'Brien Heather 2008 Defining and measuring engagement in user experiences with technology
Middleton Laura 2008 The epidemiology of cognitive change in older age in relation to physical activity
Van Wilgenburg Hendricus 2009 Democracy in environmental impact assessment: The politics of participation and well-being
Finkler Lilith 2009 Sane-itized space: Understandings of psychiatric impairment/disability at the Ontario Municipal Board
Hartnell Nicole 2009 Identifying, understanding, and overcoming barriers to medication error reporting in hospitals in Nova Scotia
Zir Alessandro 2009 The 16th C Corpus of the Portuguese colonizers about Brazil and Christian neo-platonism: An approach in terms of styles of thinking
Znajda Sandra 2009 Measuring change without numbers: evaluating social development in agroforestry conservation and development initiatives in Nicaragua
Curran Janet 2009 Development of a knowledge exchange and utilization model for emergency practice
Hadjkarim Kharrazi Hadi 2009 Can video games improve adherence to treatment in children with chronic diseases?
Joseph Alain 2009 Evaluating bioenergy supply using spatial simulations
Martin Debbie 2009 Food stories:  A Labrador Inuit-Metis community speaks about global change
Salmon Nancy 2009 "We just stick together": Centering the friendships of disabled youth
Hutchinson Paula 2010 Predictors of better health outcomes in mothers of children with Autistic Spectrum Disorder
Pelletier Nathaniel 2010 What's at steak?  Ecological economical sustainability and the ethical, environmental, and policy implications for global livestock production
Mercer Clarke Colleen 2010 Rethinking responses to coastal problems:  An analysis of the opportunities and constraints for Canada
Abidi Samina Raza 2010 A knowledge management framework to develop, model, align and operationalize clinical pathways to provide decision support for comorbid diseases
Barnard Dorothy 2010 Envisioning pathways to community health through the eyes of north end Haligonians
Andrew Melissa K 2010 Social vulnerability and health in older adults
Simpson Anna Catherine 2010 Negotiating hope in a context of uncertainty:  End-of-life care dialogue in advanced chronic obstructive pulmonary disease (COPD)
Taber Michael 2010 Human systems integration and situation awareness in microworlds:  An examination of emergency response within the offshore command and control training system
Lingley-Pottie Patricia 2011 Children and parents' experiences with distance mental health treatment
Terashima Mikiko 2011 Geographical epidemiology of health and deprivation:  A population-based, spatio-temporal analysis of health and social inequality in Nova Scotia, Canada
Perron Genevieve Mirelle 2011 Organizational community characteristics and barriers to environmental management:  Addressing the role of communities of practice, language, and mental models in organizational change
Sampalli Tara 2011 Development and evaluation of boundary objects in the heterogeneous domain of complex chronic conditions
Forgeron Paula 2011 My friends don't really understand me: Examining close friendships of adolescents with chronic pain
Roach David 2011 Product management as firm capability
Clow Bohan Margaret 2011 "They come in wearing their rank": The dynamics of an inter-professional proposal writing team
Levesque Richard 2011 A latent growth curve analysis of neighbourhood and family influences on Canadian children's prosocial behaviour development trajectories
Belluccini Federica 2011 "A much milder medium": English and German women writers in Italy 1840 - 1880
den Heyer Molly 2012 The reshaping of aid effectiveness policies in the international, Canadian and Tanzanian contexts
Batt Sharon 2012 From grass roots to pharma partnerships: Breast cancer advocacy in Canada
McWilliam Susan 2012 An investigation into the development and content of HIV prevention and harm reduction policies in Nova Scotia: Does theory address the needs of women who inject drugs?
Makani Joyline 2012 Knowledge management in knowledge-intensive organizations:  An investigation of factors influencing choices of knowledge management systems
Cottreau-Robins Catherine 2012 A loyalist plantation in Nova Scotia
Sable David 2012 The impacts of reflective practices on the dispositions for critical thinking in undergraduate courses
MacKenzie Diane Ellen 2012 What are you looking at?  Investigating visual observational behaviour of occupational therapists and untrained observers
Bishop (Scobie) Andrea 2012 Perceptions of patient safety: What influences patient and provider involvement?
Choptiany John 2012 A multi-criteria decision analysis and risk assessment model for carbon capture and storage
Kamara Abu 2012 International students and the politics of growth
Singer Verona 2012 Tensions in the dominant domestic violence discourse and the high risk case coordination protocol
Allam Hesham 2013 Social, technical, and organizational determinants of employees’ participation in enterprise social tagging tools: A conceptual model and an empirical investigation
Paul Robert 2013 The philosophy and physics of relationality and inherent nature: Śūnyatā and Svabhāva in Madhyamaka Buddhist philosophy, western analytic metaphysics, philosophy of science and physics
Urquhart Robin 2013 Multi-level factors influence the implementation and use of complex innovations in cancer care: A multiple case study of synoptic reporting in Nova Scotia
Fredericks Erin 2013 "Some women are just so much better than me": Governmentality enacted through the breast cancer social movement
Bradbee Cheryl 2013 The social and spatial dynamics of an urban ecology, water and sanitation management in early modern Piacenza
Goldstein Judah 2013 The assessment of frailty in community-dwelling older adults: A feasibility and validation study
Wilson Jeffrey 2013 Rethinking economics: Accounting for environmental impact at the local level
Scully Sheryl 2013 The Maladaptive Threats of Identity Limbo and Cohesion Resistance: A Qualitative Case Study Examing the Challenges of Over-inclusion and Status and Dominance Confusion
Richardson Holly 2013 Seeing the Arcane in the Mundane: The Spiritual as Lived by Ill Children
Bigney Kate 2013 The Difference a Discourse Makes:  Fisheries and Oceans Policy and Coastal Communities in the Canadian Maritime Provinces
McCay-Peet Lori 2014 Facilitating serendipity in digital environments
Allan Robert 2014 Phenomenol Exploration of Couple and Family Therapists Learning and Using an Evidence-Based Practice
Campbell Leslie Anne 2014 Understanding the population, health system resource and access effects of colorectal cancer screening in Nova Scotia using simulation modelling
Michels David 2014 Seeking the will of God:  The Information Seeking Experiences of Leaders of Nova Scotia Churches in Transition
Ordonez Camilo 2014 Urban forests & climate change
Toze Sandra 2014 Group Information Processes: Examining How Student Groups Identify Their Needs, Find and Use Information to Accomplish Complex Tasks and Collaborate
Woodill Sharon 2014 Gender and Sexuality in the Origins Debate
Kot  Megan 2015 "Readiness for Ensuring Safe Drinking Water in Small Community Systems."
Ashley-Martin Jillian 2015 "Prenatal Exposure to Environmental Contaminants and Newborn Immune System Biomarkers."
Montiel Roberto 2015 "Who Says I? The Self-Creation of Self-Expression and the Singular Case of Guillermo Cabrera Infante."
Balish Shea Michael 2016 An Intuitionist Model of Sport Motivation
Baechler Jennifer 2016 Operationalizing “Whole-of-Government” As An Approach to State Fragility and Instability: Case Studies From Ottawa, Canada AND London, United Kingdom
Canning  Gregory 2016 "Modernizing the Maritime: English Film Exhibition in the Maritime Provinces, 1896-1919"
Didkowsky Nora 2016 A Substantive Theory of Youth Resilience in Rural Nova Scotia
Hamilton-Hinch Barb 2016 Surviving the Impact of the Experience of Racism on Health and Well-Being: An Exploration of Women of African Ancestry Living in Nova Scotia 
Huybers Sherry 2016 An Exploration of the Gendered Culture of Mountain Biking in Nova Scotia
McSweeney Jill Marie 2016 "Nuturing Nature and the Human Psyche: Understanding the impact of indoor nature exposure on well-being"
Hennessey Sean



"An Assessment of the Effectiveness of a Comprehensive Multiple Health Behaviour Change Intervention in the Workplace: A Mixed Methods Study"



"Development and Validation of the Readiness To Collaborate Scale (RCS)"
Melathopoulos Andony 2016 "Ecosystem Services, Context and the Social Basis for Conservation: The Case of Insect Pollination Benefits to Lowbush Blueberry."
Soomai Suzette 2016 "Science and Policy-Making for Fisheries Management: Use and Influence of Fisheries Information Produced by Governemental Organiizations"
St-Jacques Nathalie 2016 "Risk of urinary tract cancer from exposure to arsenic in drinking water"
Sim Meaghan 2017 "An exploration of breastfeeding practices among Nova Scotia women classified as obese and income-related food insecure"
Kristjansdottir Olof 2017 "The Role of Culture in Pain-Related Caregiver Behavior: Comparing Canadian, Icelandic, and Thai Caregivers of 6-12-Year-Old Children."
Cheng Calvino
2017 "Truism (Transfusion Inventory Process Mining Framework): A Process Mining-Based Framework for Understanding Blood Transfusion Product Inventories."
Wei Yifeng 2017 "Defining Mental Health Literacy. Developing A Mental Health Literacy Measurement Tool, and Establishing Its Reliability and Validity in Secondary Schools in Canada"
Lu Ping 2018 "Tai Chi: A New and Ancient Reality: The Socio-Cultural Context of Older People who Practice Tai Chi in Halifax, Canada and Jinan, China
Mendoza Castrejon 2018 "A Spatially Explicit Integrated Assessment of a Social-Ecological System: The Galapagos Spiny Lobster Fishery"
Bailey Julie 2018 "Incorporating Sustainable Energy Decisions in Agriculture"
Spencer Rebecca 2018 "Picture Perfect?  Gazing into Girls' Health, Physical Activity and Nutrition through Photovoice"
Wong Dennis 2018 "Inferring Orthologous Relationships and Gene Transfer in Microbial Genomes and Metagenomes."
Conrad Colin 2019 "A Neurophysiological Study of the Impact of Mind Wandering During Online Lectures"
Hernandez Kimberley 2019 "Exploring Food Literacy in Nova Scotia Public Schools: A Critical Analysis"
Doda Hillary 2019 "The Acadian of our Fancy Clothing, Community, and Identity Among the Neutral French, C. 1670-1750"  
Sweeney Crystal 2019 "Investigation of Carcinogenic Pesticide-Associated N-Nitroso Compounds in Human Serum and Urine in Prince Edward Island"  
Dang Tuan Anh 2019 "Making Sense of Social Media Text and the Spread of Rumours in Online Social Networks - An Interdisciplinary Approach."  
Pelley Emily 2019 "Canada's Policy Response to Refugee Young People From War-Affected Regions: The Case of Halifax Nova Scotia."  
Muaror Jieni F. 2020 "Exploring Risk and Resilience Concepts: A Social-Ecological Coastal Community Case Study From Southwest New Brunswick, Canada."  
Poertner Julia 2020 "Narratives of Nature and Culture: The Cultural Ecology of Elisabeth Mann Borgese."  
Ashrafi Mehrnez 2020 "Corporate Sustainability in Maritime Ports"  
McManus Justin 2020 “Consumer Self-development: Construct Validity and Nomological Network of a New Dimension of Consumer Well-being and the Consequences for Product Evaluations and Brand Judgements”  
Ayer Nathan 2020 “Dismantling the Green Machine: A Critical Reflection on Technology and Ecomodern Environmental Policy”  
Khoshaim Lama S. 2020 “The Development, Evaluation, and Implementation of a Motivations Scale in the Context of the Second Screen Experience”  
Daley Kiley 2020 “Human Health Risks Associated with Wastewater Treatment in Arctic Canada”  
Wallace Lindsay 2020 “Investigating the Role of Frailty in the Expression of Dementia”  
Trenaman Shanna C. 2020 “Sex, Drugs and Dementia”  
Rand Jenny R. 2020 "Qun’ngiaqtiarlugu (taking a closer look) at Inuit Qaujimajatuqangit in Community-Based Participatory Research"