Getting Started

The first step to building your program of study is to meet with your supervisor and your committee members and fill out the Graduate Student Program Form. This form represents a 'map' for your degree - the general components and the details (i.e. which classes you're going to take). Both you and your supervisor must sign the form and then submit it to the IDPhD Administrative Secretary who will then enter the data into the Graduate Student Information System (GSIS) where you will be able to access it at any time for your records.  We recommend you keep a copy of the form for your files. This form must be submitted before the end of your first month of the program.

For your convenience and reference:  Quick Start Guide for Incoming Students

Information on this website will help you engage in a discussion with your committee and design a program that suits your specific needs. Although each IDPhD program is unique, a mock-up program could include the following sequence:

Year 1 Courses (4 to 6 half-course)
Year 2 Comprehensives and Thesis Proposal preparation
Year 3 Thesis Proposal Defence, Research and Analysis / Thesis Preparation
Year 4 Thesis Completion and Thesis Defence

For more information on each component, please use the navigation on the right.

Your program of study may undergo changes and in those cases you are required to submit a Graduate Student Program Update Form. Changes may involve a change in proposed coursework, a change of supervisor, or a change of committee members. This document must be signed by both you and your supervisor and then submitted to the IDPhD Administrative Secretary, which again is entered into the Graduate Student Information system (GSIS) for approval and your records.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations are the official regulations to which you are bound while completing your degree.  We recommend that you become familiar with the information available on their the website.