Directed Studies

The regulations which govern Independent Study, Directed Reading, and Special Topics classes (Section 7.6.5) have been amended to bring them in line with University policy.

Students may not register for more than two Independent Study, Directed Readings or Special Topics classes in any graduate program, and require written approval of the Graduate Coordinator of the unit.

Each student will be provided with a class outline by the instructor. In order to complete the class satisfactorily, a student must fulfill all the requirements as set down in the class outline. By the end of the first week of class, the Independent Study / Directed Reading / Special Topics form must be submitted to the Faculty of Graduate Studies in order to be placed in the student's file. Changes to the outline which affect assessment components, the weight of individual assessment components, or examination requirements with a value of ten percent or more must have the approval of the enrolled student(s) in order to be valid and must also be sent to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for the student file no later than four weeks after the beginning of the term in which the class is conducted.

When collaboration is included as part of class expectations as in group projects or group assignments, the instructor will provide in the class outline a statement of the degree of collaboration permitted in the preparation and submission of assignments.

You should, then, submit the Directed Studies application form, the course syllabus, and a reading list to the Director, who will review your application for approval.  If the Directed Study is INTE 7000 or INTE 7005, your instructor/supervisor should email the grade to the IDPhD Graduate Secretary ( at the end of the applicable academic term. If the Directed Study is from within your academic unit or a program other than IDPhD, your instructor should submit the grade through that department.