Course Registration

All registration is carried out via Dal Online. 


  1. Log-in to Dal Online and select 'Web for Students'.

  2. Within 'Web for Students' select the link 'Registration' and then 'Add/Drop'. 

You are encouraged to register early; there is a "last day to register" in each term, usually two weeks after term begins - please check these dates in the current academic calendar. Missing the registration deadline means you then must complete an add/drop form to have your registration done manually by the Faculty of Graduate Studies, and a late fee will be applied to your student account. You must also keep your mailing address up to date (you can do this by going on to Dal Online/Web for Students). We also ask that you send an email with your new address to to ensure our records are updated. 

Every Term of Every Year REGN 9999 REGN 9999 REGN 9999
Comprehensives PHDP 8000 PHDP 8000 PHDP 8000
Proposal Terms & Thesis Years Add INTE 9530 INTE 9530 INTE 9530

You must register for the course REGN 9999 in every term (Fall, Winter, Summer) in addition to courses, comprehensives, or thesis

Please find below the CRN’s for Fall/Winter 2020-21.

Registration CRNs for REGN 9999:

  • Fall 2020/21:  13834
  • Winter 2020/21:  23523

If you are working towards your comprehensive exams, you will register for PHDP 8000.

Registration CRNs for PHDP 8000:

  • Fall 2020/21: 13707
  • Winter 2020/21: 23396

Once you have passed all of the comprehensives, you will register for thesis, INTE 9530.

Registration CRNs for INTE 9530:

  • Fall 2020/21: 13522
  • Winter2020/21: 23200

    Classes offered by the Interdisciplinary PhD program are denoted with the course code: INTE. They can be found in the Academic Timetable under 'Interdisc Studies (Graduate)'.

INTE 7000.03 — Interdisciplinary Directed Studies
INTE 7005.03 — Research Proposal Directed Studies
INTE 9530.00 — Doctoral Thesis

Registration CRNs for INTE 7000:

  • Fall 2020/21: 13520
  • Winter 2020/21: 23198

Registration CRNs for INTE 7005:

  • Fall 2020/21: 13521
  • Winter 2020/21: 23199

    A few hints about the Academic Timetable:
  • Always be sure you're looking at the correct 'term'. Sometimes the screen will default to summer classes when you're interested in the fall or winter terms.
  • Graduate student classes are 5000-level classes and up. You may not take undergraduate classes.
  • Many classes have restrictions on them - meaning that only students with specific prerequisites or in specific programs can register. If you cannot register for a course that you want, you will need to contact the professor of the course directly. Indicate to the professor why you need to take the class and if he/she gives you permission they will give you an override which will allow you to register for the course. The best way to find the contact information for a professor is to use the 'People' search engine available on the Dalhousie homepage.
  • When it comes to registering for classes, you need to have the Course Registration Number (CRN) for each course. The CRN is the bolded 5-digit number found beneath each class number in the academic timetable.

For more information on registration procedures and policies please consult the Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations