Supervisor Committee Info

All thesis students must have a Supervisor (or two Co-supervisors) and a Supervisory Committee. In the IDPhD Program, the appointment of a supervisor is a pre-requisite for admission into the program. All graduate research projects must have an Advisor who supervises the project work and thus acts as an effective supervisor. In some academic units, graduate research projects also require an Advisory or Guiding Committee.

The membership must be kept up to date as part of the student’s program requirements in GSIS.

A thesis Supervisor or Co-supervisor must be a member of the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

Depending on the unit, experience on supervisory or examining committees, teaching graduate courses, or acting as a co-supervisor may be necessary before undertaking the role of thesis or project supervisor. Most natural science and engineering departments require faculty research funding as a criterion for supervision. All programs must maintain a copy of their criteria for supervision.

A Doctoral student must be supervised by a faculty member with a PhD or its equivalent, and a Master’s student must be supervised by a faculty member with at least a Master’s degree or its equivalent. Equivalency must be based on a faculty member’s record of research activity and supervisory experience. In the case of co-supervision of a Doctoral student, at least one of the supervisors must have a PhD or its equivalent (or in the case of a Master’s thesis, a Master’s degree or its equivalent). 

All units will maintain supervisory committees for graduate students in thesis programs. All members of supervisory committees are Regular, Adjunct (Retired), Adjunct (FGS), or Adjunct (Scholar) members of the Faculty of Graduate Studies. All thesis candidates shall have one supervisor or two co-supervisors and at least two additional members, at least one of whom is from the student’s graduate academic unit. Regular members should constitute no less than 50% of the membership of a supervisory committee. The tables given in Section 9.1, define explicitly the permission to serve on supervisory committees. Supervisory committees are selected by the supervisor in consultation with the student. A supervisory committee should complement the expertise available to the student in completing their research program. The membership of all supervisory committees must be recorded in GSIS, and changes to membership must be submitted on the student’s program update form and recorded by the department in GSIS.

Please visit the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for more information on Supervisory Committees, membership requirements, guidelines for the Supervision of Graduate Students and selection of a Supervisor.