Application Checklist

How to apply

Documentation for initial entrance requirements

Submit to IDPhD department:

  • Official transcripts from each of the post-secondary institutions you attended, Undergraduate and Graduate (TWO originals for each). These should be in sealed envelopes from the institutions.
  • Original TOEFL scores, if necessary.
  • An updated curriculum vitae (C.V.)*
  • Cover letter with research interest indicated*

These documents establish that you are applying to the program and whether or not you neet the initial entrance requirements

Once you have received confirmation from the program that you have met the initial entrance requirements, you may begin submitting the additional documents required.

Additional Documentation:

  • THREE Confidential Academic Reference Letters - See the Faculty of Graduate Studies website for full requirements. The Faculty of Graduate Studies minimum requirement is for two academic references; however, IDPhD requires three.
  • Signed letters from your supervisor and committee members. Please have the proposed committee members read and adhere to the required elements* for this letter.  These letter MUST have original signatures and be submitted to the IDPhD program directly from the member. *the letters need to express the committee member's support for my project, the "fit" of the project to their research background and interests, and agreement to work with you.  We also want to know the specific role the person will play (supervisor or committee member) and somewhere, either in the letter or the CV, there should be an indication of the person’s experience supervising grad students and especially PhD supervisory experience. 
  • The Statement of Interdisciplinary Research Interest (SIRI)*
  • Applicant’s cover letter, including funding proposal. All students are expected to have funding in place by the beginning of the term in which they will commence their studies.

* Note: you may email your cover letter, funding proposal, C.V. and SIRI in Word format (.doc or .docx) or as a PDF to

Note: it is expected that the applicant will meet with the Director at least once in the application process, in person or by telephone/skype.  The Director will request this meeting.  The meeting is intended to ensure that the applicant fully understands and is prepared to undertake the rigourous, largely independent, scholarly activity required.  It also permits the applicant to have questions answered.  Thus, this meeting usually takes place toward the end of the application process.

Note: As with all graduate study at Dalhousie, any recommendation from the Admissions committee to admit an applicant is made to the Faculty of Graduate Studies (FGS).  FGS always makes the final determination on acceptance and will send out a letter to the applicant documenting this.

For further details on the application process, please see our notes on Additional Application Considerations