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Thank you for your interest in our program. The Dalhousie University Interdisciplinary PhD is a unique, rigorous degree requiring initiative and strong academic scholarship from its students. To ensure you successfully complete the application process, after perusing our admission information your first action should be to assess carefully whether you meet the initial entrance requirements. These are quite clearly:

(a) that you hold a first-class thesis-based research Master's degree (a project- or essay-based degree does not qualify) and

(b) that your combined GPA of both Bachelor and Master degrees is 3.70 or higher. 

Detailed admission information can be found within the links to the right of the page.

Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations

The Faculty of Graduate Studies Regulations are the official regulations to which you are bound while completing your degree. We recommend that you become familiar with the information available on the Faculty of Graduate Studies web site.

IDPhD Regulations

If you are interested in applying to the Interdisciplinary PhD Program please carefully review the IDPhD admissions criteria and checklist documents located under the subheadings to the right. 

IDPhD has admission requirements over and above the general minimum requirements for doctoral degrees listed at the Faculty of Graduate Studies website. Our criteria for admission are firm - if you are not successful at a particular stage of the process you may not move forward to the next. There are no appeals on application decisions.

The committee will take into account the experiences you have had since your degrees were awarded. Although the committee acknowledges that GPA (Grade Point Average) is only a valid predictor for that degree program and is not correlated with career success or life satisfaction, we do not want to admit students who will fail their coursework; therefore, GPA is one of the factors considered for admission. The minimum acceptable GPA is 3.70 or above.

There are two admission periods for the IDPhD program: October 1 and February 1.

How to apply

When you are ready to apply, see Application Checklist for forms and information on how to apply.