Call for New Public Scholars

To all current IDPHDers,

You are invited to apply to our IDPHD Public Scholars initiative!  I believe that our IDPhD students are doing some of the most innovative and exciting work at Dalhousie.  If you are one of the scholars selected, this is your opportunity to shine and to share you passion with the Halifax community.

Take a look at our current team of Public Scholars (see tab) and read more about what being a Public Scholar involves.  You will find the application there if you choose to apply. 

Also follow us on Twitter  @DalPublicSchol

                                        Lynne Robinson, Director, IDPhD Program 


Learn More About the Program

Welcome to Dalhousie University's Interdisciplinary PhD Program. Begun in 1984, the program has graduated over 100 students. Our students have worked on an extraordinary range of subjects, cutting across just about every faculty, school, and department of Dalhousie University. Although students are accepted to work in any focused direction, most of our students currently work on projects with social policy implications.

Read more about the Interdisciplinary PhD program.