Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Graduate Scholarship

This scholarship is open to research graduates at Nova Scotia universities for innovative work aligned with or advancing Nova Scotia priorities (see application form). The objectives of this award are to attract and retain top-quality research graduates, as well as to encourage exploration, discovery, and innovation.

mapping of priority research areas to academic programs is provided as a guideline.


December 1 and February 15*

Application Instructions

  • Applications are to be completed by departments only
  • An admission GPA of 3.70 is required for eligibility
  • Incomplete applications will not be processed
  • Departments are to provide copies of all post secondary transcripts with the scholarship application

Submission Instructions

  • Applications must be saved as “LastnameFirstnameDepartmentDegree.pdf” (e.g. “SmithJohnBiologyMSC.pdf”)
  • Email completed scholarship applications and departmental ranking sheet to
  • Deadline: All nominations and rankings are due by 4:00 pm December 1st or 4:00pm February 15th*
  • Students must contact their prospective Departments for their internal deadlines

Complete Regulations and Application Form

*If either date falls on a weekend the deadline would be the following Monday.

Renewal Request

New - One Year Nova Scotia Research and Innovation Graduate Scholarship for Continuing Students