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Killam Predoctoral Scholarships

General Information on the Killam Predoctoral Scholarships

Please note: CANDIDATES DO NOT APPLY FOR THESE SCHOLARSHIPS. On the basis of the information in a completed application for admission, the graduate department concerned may nominate the student to the selection committee. Those students who are interested in being considered for a Killam Predoctoral Scholarship should contact the Graduate Coordinator in their program or the program to which they have applied.

Dalhousie awards Killam Predoctoral Scholarships on a competitive basis to outstanding graduate students planning to enroll or already enrolled in thesis programs (Master's or Doctoral level) in any discipline in the sciences, engineering, humanities, and social sciences.

Killam Predoctoral Scholars are selected on the basis of nominations made by departments. It is expected that all nominees will also have applied for funding from relevant provinvial, national or international agencies. Canadian students are eligible for nomination for the Killam Scholarships only if they have applied for national scholarships relevant to their discipline (NSERCSSHRCCIHRNSHRF, NSGS etc.). Killam predoctoral scholarships are open to both Canadians and non-Canadians.

Only those students registered in a program with a thesis requirement are eligible to hold the Killam Predoctoral Scholarship.

Killam Predoctoral Scholarship holders must be eligible to receive scholarship support for at least two years. This means that at the masters level only newly entering students will be considered. Renewal is upon evidence of satisfactory performance at a required minimum level and is not automatic. Masters students may hold a Killam Scholarship for 24 months and PhD students for up to 36 months. The Level 1 scholarships are valued at up to $26,000 (including travel and International Differential Fees (IDF) if eligible) and Level 2 scholarships are valued at up to $40,000 (including IDF, President's Award and travel if eligible). No remission of fees accompanies the scholarships. Killam scholars may perform instructing or demonstrating duties, and, if they do, will be given additional remuneration for these services by their employer.

Renewal of a Killam Predoctoral Scholarship is not automatic. Killam Predoctoral Scholars, Supervisors, and Graduate Coordinators are reminded that Annual Progress Reports are required from scholars wishing to renew their scholarships. Annual Progress Reports will be reviewed by the Associate Dean of Graduate Studies. Annual Progress Reports must be submitted by the posted deadline.

Nomination Forms

Students are not to submit these forms on their own behalf.

While parts of these forms may be filled out by the student, the application process is to be initiated by the department.

  • * Word versions of the Killam application forms are for those who wish to enter the data electronically (using the embedded form fields) and then print out the completed forms. PDF versions of the Killam application forms are for those who wish to print a hardcopy.

Renewal Request

Important Documents