FGS Scholarships and Fellowships

Each department has a limited number of scholarships available for students pursuing a degree program on a full-time basis. Scholarships are not offered to anyone on leave from a job with salary continuation. Those wishing to be considered for scholarship assistance are advised to contact the graduate coordinator in the department to which they are applying for details on eligibility and deadlines. Departmental contact information can be found under Programs. Maximum eligibility for scholarships is two Master's years and the first five Doctoral years, but some departments may have a shorter period.

In general, Faculty of Graduate Studies Scholarships will be paid to the student in regular monthly payments on the 27th of each month, after University tuition and fees have been deducted. Payroll is available through automatic bank deposit. Where warranted, and only with permission of the Dean of Graduate Studies, a student may receive scholarship funding for a maximum of 12 months while pursuing research off-campus.

FGS funding is normally placed on hold while a student is on an unpaid leave of absence. Students who are taking parental leave are encouraged to review the terms and conditions of their awards and research grant based funding to determine if paid parental leave benefits are available (Tri-agency funding, Killam pre-doctoral scholarships).

Very well qualified scholars who receive awards from federal agencies may also receive Dalhousie supplements within the limits set down by the agencies offering the awards.

Scholarships and fellowships within FGS include: