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The Faculty of Graduate Studies Emergency Bursary

Students may apply to the Faculty of Graduate Studies for university bursaries made available through Dalhousie's Student Assistance Program. Bursary awards are based on eligibility and emergency need. They are meant to help students overcome temporary financial emergencies such as medical costs or other unforeseen expenses. In exceptional circumstances a Faculty of Graduate Studies Emergency Bursary may be awarded for a chronic shortfall in the student's annual budget, and then only for students beyond their first year of graduate study at Dalhousie University who do not receive full scholarship support as defined by Faculty of Graduate Studies for Master's or PhD programs.

It is recommended that students discuss their situation with the person in their own academic unit who would be responsible for bursaries before completing the bursary application.

Students must be registered in order to receive a bursary. Students eligible for government loans must have applied for such loans and provide evidence of the assessment before a bursary application can be considered.

International graduate students can apply but should indicate on the form that they are international students.

Bursary applications are considered monthly throughout the year by the Faculty of Graduate Studies Graduate Bursary Committee (section II.4.5.7). Awards are for a maximum of $1000. Lower amounts may be awarded. Students typically do not receive more than one bursary award in an academic year. Decisions of the bursary committee are not subject to appeal.

The total available for bursaries in a given year depends on the amount available through the Student Assistance Program of the office of the Vice-President Student Services.