Vanier / Trudeau Scholarship

FGS manages the review and nomination process for several prestigious scholarship programs targeted towards world-class students pursuing doctoral degrees at Canadian Institutions.  This includes the Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarships, as well as the Trudeau Foundation Scholarships.

Vanier Canada Graduate Scholarship

These scholarship programs require extensive collaboration between applicant and prospective supervisor(s), with commitments from departments, faculties and university-level support.  Applicants are strongly encouraged to initiate discussions with prospective suprevisors several months in advance of FGS submission deadlines.  Applicants and their prospective supervisors are strongly encouraged to review the Vanier application requirements and the selection criteria applicable to the Vanier Scholarship programs prior to completing a Vanier application.

Vanier applications are due to FGS by mid-September each year.  FGS coordinates application reviews by Associate Dean’s from several faculties with the intent of providing feedback to applicants on areas to improve, and to coordinate institutional support letters from host faculties of strongly supported proposals.  This review is responsible for identifying which applications Dalhousie will support to move forward, as there is a limit on the number which can be submitted to the national-level competitions each year.

The internal deadline for the 2019-2020 Vanier competition is September 18, 2019.

Trudeau Doctoral Scholarships

Deadline for application submission for internal review: Tuesday, January 7, 2020 at 4:00 p.m.

The Trudeau Doctoral Scholarship program is a highly competitive and rewarding mentorship & training opportunity targeting PhD students in their first 3 years of study who have an extensive record of community engagement, leadership experience, and a record of engaging with the public to share knowledge and generate impact. Eligibility is limited to the humanities and social sciences, with the foundation often looking for candidates who are audacious, original, and forward-thinking in their research topic and/or approach.

While academic excellence is one of the key criteria, specific emphasis is placed on alignment with the themes of the Trudeau Foundation (Human Rights and Dignity, Responsible Citizenship, Canada and the World, and People and the Environment), demonstrated leadership experience, and diversity as defined on their “Become A Scholar” website. Note that applicants are expected to work towards fluency in English and French with the support of the foundation over the term of the scholarship, and must actively engage in the comprehensive mentorship network intended to extend the reach and impact of their research. Applications must be submitted through the Trudeau Foundations web portal, which requires applicants to register in advance. If you intend to apply for this scholarship, you are strongly encouraged to request an account through their system in early December.

The internal deadline at Dalhousie for submission is January 7, 2020 at 4:00 p.m. FGS will initiate the review process of completed applications from the web portal following this date, selecting at most 4 applicants for nomination to the Foundation. Those applicants will be contacted and provided with feedback on their application in late January, with the expectation that they will coordinate with FGS to make any required changes and re-upload their final application by mid-February.