The President's Awards

The President's Awards are for students starting PhD programs who have a full doctoral scholarship from one of the specified agencies.

The specified agencies are:

  • NSERC (PGSD, CGSD, Vanier CGS)
  • SSHRC (Doctoral, CGSD, Vanier CGS)
  • CIHR (Doctoral, CGSD, Vanier CGS)
  • Killam (Doctoral)

The award will cover tuition but not international differential fees or other student fees.

The award is granted for up to the first two years for PhD students.

The award will be granted for each term that the student is

  • registered as a full time student
  • paying full tuition (i.e., not continuing fees)
  • receiving a full doctoral scholarship from one of the specified agencies
  • tuition is not covered by any other award, agency or government.

Students must have a complete and accurate program form and progress report before the second year award will be paid.

For eligible students, the Faculty of Graduate Studies will notify those students and departments following admission. The Award will be verified and applied to the student's tuition each term for the duration of the award.