FGS Distinguished Service Award

This award was established by Faculty Council in order to recognize long-standing and extraordinary service to graduate level education at Dalhousie. Winners have made a contribution to the faculty and the administration of its graduate programs that is both substantive and long-standing.  Although service to graduate students is of course part of this, the award is not intended to reward excellence in teaching or research, for which other forms of recognition already exist.  In 2009 an additional award was established for Support Staff.


Year Recipient
2000 Dr. Raymond Klein  (Psychology)
2001 Dr. Aldo Chircop  ( Marine Affairs Program)
2002 Dr. John Rutherford  (Anatomy and Neurobiology)
2003 Dr. David Precious  (Oral and Maxillofacial Surgery)
2004 Dr. Patrick McGrath  (Clinical Psychology)
2006 Dr. Steven Burns  (Philosophy)
2008 Dr. David Hoskin  (Microbiology and Immunology, and Pathology)
2009 Dr. Richard Singer  (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
2011 Dr. Barry Lesser  (Economics)
2012 Dr. Russell Boyd  (Chemistry)
2014 Dr. Cheryl Kozey  (Physiotherapy)
2015 Dr. William Baldridge  (Medical Neuroscience)
2016 Dr. Hal Whitehead (Biology)
2017 Dr. Jack Duffy (Rowe School of Business)
2018 Dr. Eli Diamond (Classics)
2019 Dr. Mike Lee (Biomedical Engineering)
2020 Dr. Wenda Greer (Pathology)

Support Staff

Year Recipient
2005 Ms. Roisin McDevitt (Biochemistry and Molecular Biology)
2007 Ms. Tracy Powell (School of Health and Human Performance)
Ms. Shelley Parker  (Civil and Resource Engineering)
2010 Ms. Luisa Vaughan  (Pharmacology)
2011 Ms. Sandy Mansfield  (Biomedical Engineering)
2012 Ms. Mary Beth MacIsaac  (English)
2013 Ms. Jackie Gilby  (Nursing)
2014 Ms. Norma Keeping  (Earth Sciences)
2015 Ms. Tina Bowdridge (Community Health and Epidemiology)
2016 Ms. Mary MacGillivray (Resource & Environmental Studies)
2017 Ms. Carolyn Young (Biology)
2018 Ms. Heather Hillyard (Engineering)
2019 Ms. Heather Frausell (Business Administration)
2020 Ms. Monique Comeau (Economics)