Graduate Coordinators

The following resources are provided for use by our graduate coordinators and those who assist them. (Information about completing an admission file is here.)

Resource Name
Word PDF
Admission Recommendation Form   [PDF - 55kb]
Change Form [External PDF - Registrar's Office]
Convocation Process   [PDF - 75kb]
Deferral Request Form   [PDF - 28kb]
Duties and Responsibilities of Graduate Coordinators   [PDF - 49kb]
Exceptional Admission Request Form   [PDF - 50kb]
Grade Point Average (GPA) - How to Calculate Web Resource
Graduate Student Funding Allocation Sheets 2018-2019 (netID required for access) [DOC - 168kb]  
Graduate Student Funding Allocation Sheets 2019-2020 (netID required for access) [XLSX - 164kb]
Second Round Allocation
Procedures for Approval of Graduate Scholarships at Dalhousie [PDF - 114kb]
Overview of the FGS Departmental Scholarship Allocation System [PDF - 46kb]
Student Funding - Scholarships
Word/Excel PDF
Graduate Student Payroll Information Profile (GSPIP)—Scholarships [DOC - 147kb]  
How to Complete a GSPIP—Scholarship Form—Guidelines for the Word Version [DOC - 48kb] [PDF - 114kb]
Procedures for Changes to Funding and GSPIP Forms [DOC - 38kb] [PDF - 22kb]
GSPIP Account Change Form [XLS - 31kb] [PDF - 7kb]