Graduate Coordinators

The following resources are provided for use by our graduate coordinators and those who assist them.

Resource Name
Word PDF
Admission Recommendation Form   [PDF - 64kb]
Change Form [External PDF - Registrar's Office]
Convocation Process   [PDF - 75kb]
Deferral Request Form   [PDF - 44kb]
Duties and Responsibilities of Graduate Coordinators   [PDF - 49kb]
Exceptional Admission Request Form   [PDF - 50kb]
Grade Point Average (GPA) - How to Calculate Web Resource
Graduate Student Funding Allocation Sheets 2018-2019 (netID required for access) [DOC - 168kb]  
Graduate Student Funding Allocation Sheets 2019-2020 (netID required for access) [XLSX - 164kb]
Second Round Allocation
Procedures for Approval of Graduate Scholarships at Dalhousie [PDF - 114kb]
Overview of the FGS Departmental Scholarship Allocation System [PDF - 46kb]
Student Funding - Scholarships
Word/Excel PDF
Graduate Student Payroll Information Profile (GSPIP)—Scholarships [DOC - 147kb]  
How to Complete a GSPIP—Scholarship Form—Guidelines for the Word Version [DOC - 48kb] [PDF - 114kb]
Procedures for Changes to Funding and GSPIP Forms [DOC - 38kb] [PDF - 22kb]
GSPIP Account Change Form [XLS - 31kb] [PDF - 7kb]