Submitting Your Thesis

All theses are submitted electronically to the Dalhousie Institutional Repository (DalSpace), where they are searchable and available to the public via the internet.

Theses are also harvested by Theses Canada, sent to the National Library, and listed in Dissertation Abstracts International or Masters Abstracts International. The National Library circulates copies according to the International Inter-Library Loan Code, with full copyright protection for the author.

Thesis Submission Deadlines

  • Deadline for those expecting to graduate in May 2022 (without registering for the winter term) to submit approved thesis to FGS* via Dalspace: 17-Dec-21
  • Deadline for those expecting to graduate in May 2022 to submit approved thesis to FGS* via Dalspace: 14-Apr-22
  • Deadline for those expecting to graduate in October 2022 (without registering for the summer term) to submit approved thesis to FGS* via Dalspace: 29-Apr-22
  • Deadline for those expecting to graduate in October 2022 to submit approved thesis to FGS* via Dalspace: 31-Aug-22

* All theses must be submitted to FGS for format review prior to final submission. Please see Formatting Your Thesis for additional information

Submit Required Forms

Specific forms are required by FGS before the online submission of a thesis can be completed. The original signed forms are kept in the student's file. All forms can be submitted to

Convert Thesis to PDF/A Format

PDF/A is an ISO Standard for the long-term archiving of electronic documents. It forms the basis for archival document storage by universities, libraries, and museums worldwide, as well as being the specified format for electronic thesis submission via Theses Canada.

An archival PDF (PDF/A) version of the final copy of your thesis is required for final thesis submission. Please ensure you have followed all formatting guidelines before converting your thesis to a PDF/A.

Authoring Tools

The use of other authoring/conversion tools is acceptable, provided they result in a standards-compliant PDF/A file; however, the university will only provide support for Word and Acrobat. Please contact the university's helpdesk if you require assistance

Other PDF/A Information

  • File Name - Student PDF/A files must be saved with the following naming convention "FullnameYear" (eg. "JohnSmith2014"). Please note: your thesis file name cannot contain any blank spaces or special characters.
  • Signatures - Please note that due to privacy regulations, electronic thesis files must not contain any signatures.

Submit PDF/A to DalSpace

DalSpace is an institutional repository that collects, preserves, and distributes digital content produced by members of the Dalhousie community. It is also a way to permanently preserve your work. 

Follow the steps below to submit your PDF/A to DalSpace, and review our checklist for a complete guide [PDF - 175kb].

  1. Go to DalSpace
  2. Login using your NetID and Password
  3. Select “Submissions” from the right side menu and start a new submission by following the link in the left pane.
  4. Select the collection from dropdown menu in the left pane. You will see "Faculty of Graduate Studies Online Thesis" option in the dropdown menu. If you don’t see any option please contact the thesis coordinator. After selecting the collection press next.
  5. Follow the remaining steps for the submission process including the file upload step.
  6. If you need further help with the DalSpace submission process, please visit or email

Finalizing the Submission

Please note your electronic submission is not complete until you receive an email from Dalspace indicating that your submission has been committed to the archive.

It is common for submissions to be rejected the first time due to formatting errors, so please check your dalhouse email account, as this is the address to which the Rejection / Acceptance email will be sent. Sometimes these emails go to Clutter and/or junk, you should monitor your email closely.

FGS does not coordinate thesis binding, but interested students can contact a binding company directly.