Forms and Documents

Form Name MS Word PDF
Dalhousie Thesis Licence Agreement   [PDF - 20k]
Intent to Graduate Submitted via Dal Online
Master's Thesis Approval Form   [PDF - 25kb]
PhD Examination Information Form   [PDF - 38kb]
PhD Thesis Submission Form [DOC - 58kb]
[PDF - 125kb]
Request to Arrange Oral Defence of a Doctoral Thesis   [PDF - 135kb]
Request to Embargo a Thesis   [PDF - 29kb]
Responsibilities: Doctoral Candidate Thesis Defence   [PDF - 31kb]
Student Contribution to Manuscripts in Thesis [DOC - 64kb]
(netid required)
[PDF - 25kb]
External Examiner MS Word PDF
Conflict of Interest Guidelines - External Examiners for Doctoral Theses [DOC - 32kb]
[PDF - 71kb]
PhD Thesis - External Examiner's Report [DOC - 43kb]
[PDF - 37kb]
External Examiner's Expenses Covered by FGS   [PDF - 29kb]
External Examiner's Expense Claim   [PDF - 46kb]
PhD Thesis Defence Chair MS Word PDF
Guidelines for Chairs of In-person PhD Defences
  [PDF - 118kb]
Guidelines for Chairs of Remote PhD Defences   [PDF - 134kb]