Frequently Asked Questions

1. Where do I find information on ethics approval?

Information on ethics approval can be obtained from Research Services.

2. If I defend my thesis during the summer months and present my approved copies to FGS by the August deadline for submission, do I have to register for the fall term?

If all other requirements have been met for your degree, you do not need to register for the fall term.

3. How long must the external examiner for a PhD thesis defence have the copy to read before my defence date?

The external examiner should have a copy to read at least five weeks before the scheduled defence date. This means your thesis should be sent to FGS for delivery to the external examiner about six weeks before the scheduled defence date.

4. What if a member of my examining committee has to participate remotely in my PhD defence?

This is typically no problem, and will be coordinated by Graduate Studies. Please see our policy on remote participation.

5. Do I have to register my PhD thesis title?

FGS no longer requires students to register their thesis titles.

6. What font should I use in my master's or doctoral thesis?

Any serif or variable width font (e.g., Times New Roman, Arial) in 12-point font.

7. What material do I need to get copyright permission for before I can use it in my thesis?

Students must obtain appropriate copyright permission for any substantial part of the thesis for which copyright is held by another party (e.g., a publisher). Copyright permission letters should appear in an appendix at the end of the thesis (with any signatures removed). Letters must include provision for LAC (Library Archives) reproduction (available under Formatting Your Thesis). Reprints may be included in the appendices. Copyright permission is required.

If you are unsure if you need copyright permission, consult your supervisor. For additional information, consult the copyright officer in the Killam Library.

8. What if I cannot get copyright permission before the defence?

All copyright permissions must be attained before the defence. If you cannot get such permissions then you cannot use the material in your thesis. It is best to check out the policy of the publisher when you are considering submitting an article. If copyright permissions are likely to be a problem then you can reconsider publishing with that publisher or including that material in your thesis.

9. I'm looking for the Regulations for Submission of Theses but I can't find them on the FGS website. Where are they?

The Regulations for Submission of Theses have been renamed the Thesis Format Guidelines and are found under Formatting Your Thesis.

10. Since FGS no longer binds theses as of January 1, 2011, where can I go to have copies of my thesis bound?

Interested students have the option of contacting a binding company directly.

11. Where can I find instructions to convert my thesis to PDF/A format?

Although FGS does not provide direct support for PDF/A conversions, we do offer instructions on this process.

12. I just submitted my thesis to DalSpace. Why can't I find it?

Once you submit your thesis to DalSpace, FGS must review it for formatting. Once it is approved by FGS, it may take a few more days for the submission to be pushed through the system.

13. When will the grade of Approved and the thesis title appear on my academic record following final submission?

Thesis grades are updated on a monthly report, the grade of APPR will be reflected around the middle of the month following the month you made your submission. The thesis title will appear on your record when the degree is conferred (usually a few weeks before graduation).