Registration Information

General Information

Graduate students must register for all three terms of the academic year (Fall, Winter, and Summer). (Exceptions to this rule for per-course fee students are listed in the Graduate Calendar — please review the Calendar for specific course and program requirements.)

Need to add a class after the registration deadline has passed?

Once the deadline to add classes has passed, you will need to use a Class Add/Drop Form [PDF - 62kb] to register for classes. Please contact Student Accounts for information on late fees.

Additional Information for Program Fee Students

Program fee students must register for REGN 9999 in all three terms. REGN 9999 is listed in the Academic Timetable Subject Listings as "Registration Course—Graduate". 

Once a program fee student in a thesis program has completed all course requirements, they must continue to register for every term as a continuing student, until all degree requirements have been submitted and approved by the Faculty of Graduate Studies.

A continuing program fee student must register for REGN 9999 and for either Comprehensives, Thesis, Seminar, Special Project, or Internship:

  • Master Thesis: CRN + (Subject) + 9000, e.g. BIOL 9000, or
  • PhD Comprehensives: CRN + PHDP 8000 or
  • PhD Thesis: CRN + (Subject) + 9530, eg BIOL 9530.

The CRN for the theses can be found in the course directories for each department on Web for Students.

Additional Information for Per-Course Fee Thesis Students

Per course fee students who write a thesis: SLWK, ARCH and MLIS can register as full-time thesis continuing students once they've completed all their required course work and at this stage in their program they must register for REGN 9999 every term.

REGN 9999 is listed in the Academic Timetable Subject Listings as "Registration Course—Graduate". 

Registration Deadlines

Graduate Students Receiving Funding

If you are receiving funding administered by Dalhousie University this applies to you.

In order to receive your scholarship payment on schedule you MUST be properly registered before the final funding registration deadline (below). It is recommended that you register as soon as possible to avoid any unnecessary delays.

The consequence of failing to properly register by the final registration deadline will be an additional one-month delay in receiving your scholarship payment (27th day of the second month of the term).

Term Final Funding
Registration Deadline
First Pay Date
2020/21 Summer 1 Apr 2021 27 May 2021
2021/22 Fall 1 Aug 2021 27 Sep 2021
2022/22 Winter 1 Dec 2021 27 Jan 2022

All Other Graduate Students

It is important that you register before the deadline to avoid fees and other difficulties. Modifying your course registration after a term's deadline will require completion of an FGS Class Add/Drop form.

Please see the Academic Class Add/Drop Dates.