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Professional Development

In her Professional Development presentation*, at the 2015 Grad Orientation, Dean Marty Leonard covers some of the professional development opportunities available to Graduate students. Two topics – Academic and Research Integrity and Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism - offered by MyGradSkills.ca (see below) are particularly recommended, so that students have a full understanding of these critical issues as they engage in their academic programs.

All opportunities listed below are available at no cost. So, there will never be a better time or opportunity to add to your essential skill sets.

*PDF of the presentation screens.


In collaboration with the Centre for Learning and Teaching, FGS is offering an online program called “MyGradSkills” that was created by a consortium of Ontario Universities to provide research and professional skills training to graduate students.   

MyGradSkills includes 18 free online modules on topics including research management, how to write a resume, how to conduct a job search, entrepreneurship, mental heath and wellbeing and so on.

Update: You can now have MyGradSkills modules that you complete listed on your co-curricular record!

The eligible modules are: Academic and Professional Communication for New Researchers, Academic and Research Integrity, Understanding and Avoiding Plagiarism, Converting a CV to a Resume, Entrepreneurship and New Venture Creation, Intellectual Property- An Entrepreneur’s Guide

Please make sure you sign up with your NetID@dal.ca (e.g. ja999999@dal.ca) and NOT an alias email to have your MyGradSkills modules noted on your co-curricular record.   


MITACS provides free professional skills development workshops to graduate students at Dalhousie. The intention of these workshops is to augment your academic and research experiences with skills that will help you to succeed in today's workplace.  

Workshops are usually offered in the spring and fall and include topics such as Time Management, Project Management, Career Professionalism and Communicating your Research. You can get more information on the workshops at https://step.mitacs.ca/en.

The Faculty of Graduate Studies will notify you when the next workshops are available at Dalhousie. Upcoming workshops will also be listed in our Events Calendar


The Professional & Research Education Program (PREP) provides research and professional skills training, beyond what is offered in traditional academia. Training is accomplished through monthly sessions, specialized workshops, and research symposia, with built-in flexibility to quickly assemble sessions to meet timely educational needs. 

The main content areas covered through PREP education modules include Funding, Career Development, Research Management, Communication/Dissemination, and Research Ethics & Conduct. Graduate students who attend seven PREP sessions will receive a transcript notation, stating the completion of the PREP research skills training program.

Please register to receive updates and further information on PREP opportunities by contacting Terrilyn Chiasson at terrilyn.chiasson@dal.ca or refer to the website: http://www.dal.ca/faculty/prep.html


Centre for Learning and Teaching
Find out about TA days, the Certificate in University Teaching and Learning, the Dalhousie Conference on University Teaching and Learning, Workshops, and Discussion Groups

College of Continuing Education
Free ESL Workshops for Graduate Students
Dalhousie ESL’s Free Workshop Series runs Tuesdays & Thursdays from 4:30-6:30 in Mona Campbell Room 2110.

The Thesis Whisperer
The Thesis Whisperer is a blog dedicated to the topic of doing a thesis and is edited by Dr Inger Mewburn, Director of research training at the Australian National University.

Writing Centre
Seminars on a variety of writing and academic topics and Writing Week for Grads. You can also make a free, individual appointment for writing help.

Career and Leadership Events