Completing an Add/Drop Form

Students may add and drop courses online until the registration deadline. For instructions on registering online and for upcoming registration deadlines, please see our Registration Information.

Add/Drop forms will not be accepted while online registration is open.

Courses may be added or dropped after the online registration deadline by completing an FGS Class Add/Drop form (see below). This requires the approval of the graduate department and of the professor(s) teaching the relevant courses.

Please submit the completed form, with all required signatures and supporting documents, to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at

Required Signatures

  • Student’s signature – A student's written authorization is always required. If the student absolutely cannot sign the paper copy of the form, please attach an email from the student’s Dalhousie email account requesting that registration be modified. A signed letter is also acceptable.
  • Assistant Dean/Faculty/School Approval - Please note: add/drop forms for students with financial holds cannot be processed.

Backdating a Course Drop

To drop a course after the deadline to drop courses online, FGS must also receive a statement that the student did not participate in the class as of a specific date. This statement must be in a direct email to FGS from the professor of record (via the professor's Dalhousie email account). A signed letter is also acceptable.

Tuition Refund Schedule

The percentage of tuition fees refunded depends on the course drop date. Please see Student Accounts for the Refund Schedule.