Together@Dal: Grad Edition


This winter, the Faculty of Graduate Studies will welcome over 500 students who will join us online from locations locally, nationally and around the world. To bring us all together we’ve created the Together@Dal: Grad Edition (T@DGE) orientation program.

During T@DGE, you’ll led be through a series of online modules by Grad Student Mentors. We’ll introduce you to resources available to you at the university, equip you to start your degree online and introduce you to your community of graduate student peers. 

We have started reaching out to incoming students to invite them to register. If you're joining us in January and haven't yet received an invitation to register for T@DGE, email us at

T@DGE modules include:

Module Description
What the Dal? Find out how to get involved in the Dalhousie community and discover the academic resources available to help you succeed.
Thriving in Graduate School Learn how to stay motivated, resilient and confident when starting your program online.
Relationship Building Nobody makes it through graduate school alone. Discover the importance of making social connections and identify tips to stay in touch virtually with your peers, professors and departmental staff.
Creating a Graduate Student Game Plan Develop strategies to kick-start your graduate studies and build your skills through professional development.

When you complete the reflection activities at the end of each of the four modules, the Together@Dal: Grad Edition program can be added to your Co-Curricular Record, a document that records your extra-curricular and volunteer activities.

Meet your community

At the end of each module, you’ll have the opportunity to join your peers in virtual video #gradchat sessions led by our mentors. The sessions will be available at different times to accommodate students around the world. They will be a great chance to connect with fellow grad students and ask questions. You’ll also have access to discussion boards and more.

We’re looking forward to getting started and welcoming you to our community.  We are all in this Together@Dal!