Dean's Welcome

Welcome to the Faculty of Graduate Studies at Dalhousie. We are home to over 3500 students studying in a wide variety of fields like science, medicine, engineering, architecture, agriculture, arts and social science, computer science, dentistry, health professions, law, and management. Our students are training to be leaders in industry and government, and contribute to a lively and productive atmosphere of innovation here on campus.

Dalhousie’s graduate programs are diverse and unique, each designed to both enhance the professional and personal development of its students while producing global citizens equipped to handle the challenges of the future. Our students come from over 100 countries around the world and represent a wide swath of experience and ideas. Whether in a research or professional program, graduate students at Dalhousie are trained to think critically, collaborate frequently, and act boldly.

Dalhousie receives more than $150 million in research funding and scholarship awards. Our departments are staffed by world class teachers, researchers and practitioners who know their fields and are eager to work with students. Our alumni have gone on to hold positions in government, business, law, academia, and the non-profit sector. I am proud to lead a faculty that fosters such excellence.

Graduate school is the next step in your academic career, one that presents a challenge but also an opportunity. More than ever before, the job market favours employees with graduate-level education. Dalhousie can give you a competitive advantage, no matter what your eventual career goals.

Please don’t hesitate to contact our office with questions about the admissions process. We are glad to help.

Marty Leonard, PhD
Dean, Faculty of Graduate Studies
Dalhousie University