Undergraduate courses

The technical subjects offered by the Engineering departments depend upon a solid knowledge of mathematical principles. Courses in Engineering Mathematics are, therefore, offered to students in each of the Engineering departments. Emphasis is placed on the application of mathematical techniques to the description and solution of engineering problems. The lectures are supplemented by tutorial sessions and lab exercises.

Courses offered include:

  • ENGM 1011.03: Engineering Mathematics I
  • ENGM 1012.03: Engineering Mathematics II
  • ENGM 1041.03: Applied Linear Algebra
  • ENGM 1081.03: Computer Programming
  • ENGM 2022.03: Applied Differential Equations
  • ENGM 2032.03: Applied Probability and Statistics
  • ENGM 2101.03: Applied Vector Calculus
  • ENGM 3032.03: Applied Statistics
  • ENGM 3052.03: Applied Numerical Methods
  • ENGM 3202.03: Data Structures and Numerical Methods
  • ENGM 3271.03: Engineering Mathematics V
  • ENGM 3282.03: Data Structures and Numerical Methods
  • ENGM 3356.03: Numerical Methods and Partial Differential Equations
  • ENGM 3361.03: Engineering Mathematics IVc
  • ENGM 4675.03: Risk Assessment and Management
  • ENGM 4680.03: Ecosystem Modelling of Marine and Freshwater Environments