Master of Engineering (MEng)

The Master of Engineering (MEng) is a coursework degree requiring at least seven courses, one graduate seminar and a project. The MEng is a professionally-oriented terminal degree (does not lead to a PhD).

An MEng project must show the student’s ability to carry through to completion a project of a credible level of difficulty that draws on the knowledge and experience gained through advanced undergraduate and graduate industrial engineering course work.


Possession of a baccalaureate degree or its academic equivalent from an academic institution recognized by Dalhousie University, in which the language of instruction is English, or four years of full-time post-secondary instruction at a university where English is the primary language of instruction and in a country where English is the principal language; otherwise, a satisfactory score on an approved English language examination is required. The Program requirement for the TOEFL is 580.

To be admitted to an academic program, an applicant must be accepted by a professor into his/her research program in addition to meeting the other requirements for admission.

Please note: In addition to the general requirements for admission to Graduate Studies at Dalhousie University, the Department of Industrial Engineering requires that applicants with undergraduate degrees from non-Canadian universities submit a GRE score before an application for MASC and PhD will be considered. GRE score is not required for MENG applications, however it is recommended. For more information on the GRE (Graduate Record Examination), visit the GRE Website.

Program Requirements

The MEng degree requires not less then 21 credit hours, the gradaute seminar and a six credit hours project. 

Undergraduate courses, in the area of a student’s interest, not taken by the student for previous credit, may be included in the program, subject to prior approval. Not more than 12 credit hours may be undergraduate credit hours.

Length of Program

The typical time to complete a MEng is two years

Research Areas

Areas of research include operations research, ergonomics, and a variety of other fields related to the professor's specialties. Students entering the Master's program come from a variety of backgrounds, including Industrial Engineering, Mechanical Engineering, Mathematics, and others.

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Admissions Requirements

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