Claver DialloPEng, PhD

Associate Professor

Phone: 902-494-3054
Fax: 902-420-7858
Research Topics:
  • Remanufacturing and Sustainability
  • Industry 4.0, Physical Internet
  • Closed Loop Supply Chains Design and Management
  • Reliability and Availability Optimization
  • Maintenance Engineering and Management
  • Project Scheduling & Management


  • BEng - Université Laval
  • MASc - Université Laval
  • PhD - Université Laval

Research Interests

Dr. Diallo's research interests are in Performance Optimization for Production and Service Systems. Specific areas of his research are Maintenance Engineering and Management, Reliability and Availability Engineering, Design and Optimization of Closed Loop Supply Chains, Design for Sustainability, and Remanufacturing.

Selected Awards and Honours

  • Industrial Engineering Professor of the Year Award (2009, 2011, 2018)

Accreditations and Affiliations

  • Engineers Nova-Scotia
  • Institute of Industrial and Systems Engineering (IISE)
  • Canadian Operational Research Society (CORS)
  • Imhotep's Legacy Academy (ILA)


Peer-Reviewed Journal Publications

  1. Samuel CN, Venkatadri U, Diallo C, Khatab A (2019) Robust closed-loop supply chain design with presorting, return quality and carbon emission considerations, Journal of Cleaner Production. Accepted Oct. 27, JCLEPRO-D-19-02530
  2. Diallo C, Venkatadri U, Khatab A, Liu Z, Aghezzaf E-H. (2019) Optimal joint selective imperfect maintenance and multiple repairpersons assignment strategy for complex multicomponent systems, International Journal of Production Research, Vol. 57 (13), pp. 4098-4117.
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  5. Lo H., Ghasemi A., Diallo C., Newhook J. (2019) Comparative study on logical analysis of data, artificial neural networks, and PHM for maintenance prognostics, Journal of Quality in Maintenance Engineering. Vol. 25 (1) pp. 2-24. .
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Book Chapters

  1. Diallo C., U. Venkatadri, A. Khatab, S. Bhakthavatchalam (2018) Optimizing combination warranty policies using remanufactured replacement products from the seller and buyer's perspectives in Operations Research and Enterprise Systems, ICORES 2017, Revised Selected Papers. Ed. Greg H. Parlier, Federico Liberatore and Marc Demange. Vol. 884 pp. 224-239.
  2. Diallo C., Ait-Kadi D., Chelbi A., (2009). Integrated Spare Parts Management in Handbook of Maintenance Management and Engineering, Springer, pp.189-220. ISBN: 978-1-84882-471-3.

Conferences with Peer Review

  1. Diallo C., A. Khatab, U. Venkatadri (2019) Developing a Bi-Objective Imperfect Selective Maintenance Optimization Model for Multicomponent Systems. IFAC / IEEE / IFORS / IFIP / INFORMS MIM 2019 Conference, Aug. 28-30, 2019, Berlin, Germany.
  2. Khatab A., Diallo C., Aghezzaf E.-H., Venkatadri U. (2019) Joint Optimization of the Selective Maintenance and Repairperson Assignment Problem When Using New and Remanufactured Spare Parts. IFAC / IEEE / IFORS / IFIP / INFORMS MIM 2019 Conference, Aug. 28-30, 2019, Berlin, Germany.
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Underscored names are students or Highly Qualified Personnel (HQP).

Teaching Experience

  • IENG-3344 Operations Research I: Linear Models
  • IENG-4562 Maintenance Engineering & Management
  • IENG-4443 Statistical Quality Control & Reliability
  • IENG-4500 Operations Research Methods for Systems Engineering
  • IENG-4575 Stochastic Processes & Queueing Theory
  • IENG-4581X/Y: Project in Industry
  • IENG-6912: Introduction to Operations Research (graduate course)
  • IENG-6916 Stochastic Processes & Queueing (graduate course)