Pat Ryan

Founder & President, Neocon International

Pat Ryan's headshot

Mr. Ryan is a graduate of Dalhousie University and the Founder of Neocon International, a multi-million dollar automotive OEM design and lean manufacturing company which he conceptualized in 1993. From its start-up he was the strategic architect responsible for raising capital, assembling and directing a team of R&D engineers and establishing niche and disruptive product opportunities to service such “Grade A” customers as Toyota, General Motors, Subaru, Nissan and Hyundai. From unique design through to establishing capable production and procuring equipment and facilities to deliver to global markets, his career focus has been on Nova Scotian talent and ability. Under Mr. Ryan's design joint venture relationships were also developed to augment manufacturing capability in both the USA and Mexico ensuring full service to many OEM manufacturing plants. Most recently he was appointed Chairman of the Board for Ucore Rare Metals a publicly traded company where he plays a role in developing a sustainable North American supply stream for critical minerals that will fuel the “green technology” revolution including Li-ion battery storage, wind energy and vehicle electrification. Prior to founding Neocon, he held positions as V.P. Operations for Plastics Maritime Ltd. and Design Engineer for T.S. Simms and Company. Mr. Ryan mentors many upcoming entrepreneurs and graduating design engineers from Dalhousie University from which he holds a Bachelor of Engineering degree. He is the recipient of the APENS Award from the Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia as the most likely to serve society in an ethical manner as a Professional Engineer.