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Wilson Scholarship


The G P Wilson Engineering in Business Scholarship is awarded to students who have completed the first year of engineering at any Canadian university, and who show outstanding promise to use engineering skills to improve Canadian business.  The scholarship is tenable at Dalhousie University in years three, four and five of the Industrial Engineering program.  The scholarship has a total value of $5000, payable in $1000 installments for each of the five academic terms in Industrial Engineering.  For information on the Industrial Engineering program, please see the web site at www.ie.dal.ca.  Although the scholarship will be awarded primarily on the basis of a strong academic record, it is important that candidates demonstrate the well-rounded background and interests that were typical of Peter Wilson.  Shortlisted candidates may be invited for an interview.

Background on Peter Wilson

Born in Truro, NS, Peter Wilson was an outstanding student, who attended King’s College and completed his Engineering diploma at Dalhousie.  He graduated as a Mechanical Engineer from NS Technical College and was awarded an Athlone Fellowship, which enabled him to study at the University of Birmingham in England where he completed a Masters in Engineering Production in the area of Operations Research.

After working at the Canadian National Railways in Montreal, Peter returned to Nova Scotia to work with Voluntary Economic Planning and the Atlantic Industrial Research Institute (AIRI).  He was Executive Director of AIRI for more than 20 years and for most of that time, served as Associate Professor and Head of the Department of Industrial Engineering.

Throughout Nova Scotia, Peter Wilson was well recognized for his long-standing and successful engineering career.   He was active with the Association of Professional Engineers of Nova Scotia.  He served on several accreditation teams for the Canadian Engineering Accreditation Board.  He was a long-time member of the Engineering Institute of Canada, the Institute of Industrial Engineering (IIE) and the Canadian Operational Research Society.  Peter helped found the Halifax branch of the American Institute of Industrial Engineers (now IIE).

As an industrial leader, Peter Wilson was involved with numerous companies including Atlantic Business Computers, Kerr Controls, Parrsboro Manufacturing, Ski Wentworth and Wilson Fuels, and helped create successful enterprises that provided employment for Nova Scotians and many Tech alumni.  He constantly encouraged small businesses in Nova Scotia to use engineers to give their businesses a competitive advantage.  His businesses were among the leaders in Nova Scotia in adopting computer information systems as key parts of the business enterprise.

To many people Peter Wilson's name is synonymous with Industrial Engineering at Tech, TUNS and Dalhousie.  The shape and outstanding reputation of the Industrial Engineering Department at Dalhousie University are largely due to his efforts.

Peter was active in sports – he played varsity football and basketball in university, and coached minor basketball teams.  He was an enthusiastic skier and swimmer.  He was also active in his church and community affairs and had a strong interest in the Atlantic Symphony.


How to Apply

Complete the application form available here:

Wilson Scholarship Application - PDF

Please send your completed application to arrive on before the deadline date of
February 28, 2018. 

G.P. Wilson Scholarship Committee
c/o Department of Industrial Engineering
Dalhousie University
PO Box 15000
Halifax, Nova Scotia B3H 4R2

You can also submit your application by e-mail to the Scholarship Chair, Corinne MacDonald: corinne.macdonald@dal.ca