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In Course Scholarship Competion 2016/2017

To apply please submit an application by 11:59 PM on Friday Sept 30th, 2016. Please follow all instructions carefully.

Ted Rhodes:

All engineering Years 3 and 4 (with interest in music and the arts.)

Dr. Edward Rhodes, former President of the Technical University of Nova Scotia and former Principal of DalTech has established an annual scholarship open to a third or fourth year Engineering student who has maintained an interest in music or the arts.


Guru Nanak:

All African Nova Scotian students in engineering (must be born in Nova Scotia).

Dr. and Mrs. D. S. Chehil established this scholarship to encourage Black Nova Scotian students to qualify for admission to, and complete the engineering degree at Dalhousie. This award of $1,000 is tenable for up to three years or more, subject to maintenance of an acceptable academic average. Eligible candidates must be Black Canadians born in Nova Scotia. The Scholarship is awarded primarily on the basis of the applicant's academic record prior to admission into third year or on the basis of the academic record at an Associated University or at the University entrance level. Other factors such as personality, initiative, community involvement and other awards held by the applicant may be considered.


Hira and Kamal Ahuja:

All engineering students (who have contributed to East Indian culture.)

This scholarship valued at $1,000, has been established in memory of Mrs. Kamal Ahuja, by her family. Prof. Ahuja was Director of Continuing Education at the Technical University of Nova Scotia. Candidates must have fulfilled the requirements for entry to Year 3 of any Engineering program at the time of application. The award is based on a combination of grades and demonstrated financial need. Preference will be given to students who can demonstrate a significant cultural contribution to the East India community. Interested students must complete an application form and a covering letter, explaining their qualifications for this award.


Jacques Whitford

Valued at $1000. Third Year Faculty of Engineering students in Civil, Environmental or related areas who are persons of Canada's first nations, with preference given to students who are engaged in studies and activities related to the environment and geosciences. The Scholarship is awarded primarily on the basis of the applicant's academic record.



All fourth-year and above engineering, Computer Science, Architecture and Planning students.


This application form covers all Faculty In-Course awards that are listed in the university calendar. Students must have already completed their third year of study to be eligible. Students are not eligible to apply for both Year-Three Entrance and In-Course Scholarships during the same academic year. Students who have a student loan with an outstanding balance are eligible to apply for a bursary. Undergraduate students may also apply to the Dalhousie University Undergraduate Bursary Program, which is not covered by this form: please click Dalhousie Bursaries.

To apply please complete the application by 11:59 PM on Friday Sept 30th, 2016.  Please follow all instructions carefully.