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Dalhousie's Faculty of Computer Science offers competitive funding to qualified graduate students and is committed to promoting excellence in research and teaching.

We have a diverse group of award-winning professors working in interdisciplinary research across five core areas: Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence & Machine LearningHuman-Computer Interaction, Visualization & GraphicsSystemsAlgorithms & Bioinformatics, and Computer Science Education.

We are pleased to highlight a few of this year's funded fellowship opportunities available to incoming Master of Computer Science and PhD students

Bots4SE: Bots for Software Engineering Applications

Software development is complex. The complexity is further amplified by complexity introduced by the domain, scope, large teams, and a variety of development methods, tools, and technologies. The successful candidate will explore the role of automated bots, including conversational bots, to reduce the complexity and improve the productivity of software developers.

Express your interest in working with Dr. Tushar Sharma.