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Cybersecurity for Networks, Services and Applications

Given the current landscape of network infrastructures, networks and services are hinting at a future in which cloud and client networking infrastructure coexist and evolve hand in hand with the increase of data-intensive applications and services. As the scale and complexity increases, it becomes more and more difficult to analyze the state of a system for mission assurance. This research will explore new techniques and tools for analyzing the flow of data in a heterogeneous network, service and application environments for cybersecurity.

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Data Plane Reliability in Software-Defined Networking

Communication link failure is common in networks (e.g., enterprise, ISP). We envision that emerging data plane programmability (PISA architecture and P4 programming language) creates a new platform for designing fast, scalable, and agile failure recovery schemes because of hardware abstraction, protocol independence, and line-rate packet processing capability. We are identifying challenges (e.g., memory constraints) that a recovery scheme can face in this space and developing expected solutions while circumventing those problems.   

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SDN/NFV based Architecture and Protocols for IoT networks

IoT is the inevitable component of next-generation networking to support applications like smart cities. However, low-power IoT devices suffer from resource constraints while operating in interference prone wireless networks. We argue that programmable networking (SDN/NFV) enables solving critical IoT network design issues like energy consumption and interference. In this space, we first investigate how to adopt SDN/NFV based architecture in low-power IoT networks. Then, we design protocols for efficient resource allocation and management. 

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