Research clusters

Our researchers are engaged in three major areas of research

Big Data Analytics and Machine Learning

The Big Data Analytics theme aims to extract insights and support decision-making based on large sets of data that accumulate from human activity, which dramatic advances in computing, digital storage, networking, and sensor technologies have made possible. 

Particular areas of activity include:
  • Data mining
  • Knowledge management
  • Health data analytics
  • Bioinformatics

Systems, Networks, and Security

The Systems theme aims to advance knowledge of computer systems that enable the information and communication technologies space of applications. 

Particular areas of activity include:
  • Security in computer networks, both wired and wireless
  • Data privacy
  • Information systems
  • High-performance computing

Human-Computer Interaction, Visualization, and Graphics

The HCI and Visualization theme aims to advance the interfaces between humans and computers in terms of the presentation of information for human consumption, and the design of technologies that make the use of computers useful, effective, and enjoyable. 

Particular areas of activity include:
  • Ubiquitous computing
  • Mobile graphic interfaces
  • Collaboration technologies
  • Text visualization

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