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Earning money while gaining tangible work experience

Co-op is mandatory for all Applied Computer Science students. Each student must complete three Co-op terms, each of at least 14 weeks. A student may not end his/her degree on a Co-op term. A student may take courses while on a Co-op term, but they cannot exceed 2 (maximum number of courses to be considered a part-time student). For further information please visit the Co-op Office webpage.

The four-year program schedule containing three mandatory co-op terms:

Fall Winter Summer
Year one (A) Year One (B)  
Year two (A) Year two (B) Co-op I
Year three (A) Co-op II Year three (B)
Co-op III Year four (A) Year four (B)

*Alternatives to this schedule must be approved by an Academic Advisor

Is there a fee for co-op?

Yes. You pay a program fee for each 4-month work term you do. Find out more.

To be admitted into the Bachelor of Applied Computer Science Co-op Program, what requirements do I need to meet?

Co-op is mandatory for Applied Computer Science students.

You must have met the following requirements four months before your first work term:

  • A cumulative GPA of 2.0 and be in good academic standing
  • Successful completion of the Online Co-op Orientation and Job 
    Competition Preparation Course (CSCI 8890)
  • Either enrolled in or completed:
    • CSCI 2100 (Communication Skills)
    • INFX 2690 (Integrated Studies I)
    • INFX 2670 (Server Side Scripting)
    • CSCI 2141 (Introduction to Database Systems)

Bachelor of Applied Computer Science students must complete three work terms and eight academic terms.