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Applying for a Computer Science Exchange at Dalhousie

1. Deadlines

All nomination and application materials (except your course selections) must be submitted by the following dates:

  • April 15 – for an exchange period starting in the Dalhousie Fall term
  • October 15 – for an exchange period beginning in the Dalhousie Winter term

2. Apply to your university

Follow your university’s application procedure to request an exchange period at Dalhousie.

3. Apply for admission to Dalhousie

Once your university has approved your application:

  1. Download the Application for Admission
  2. Either fill in and sign the form using Acrobat Reader, or print it, sign it, and scan it to a PDF file.
  3. Send the completed form to your Exchange Advisor.
    Ask your Exchange Advisor to email your nomination to international@cs.dal.ca, including:
    • Your completed Application for Admission
    • Your academic transcript
    • Proof of your English language proficiency (if required – ask your Exchange Advisor)

4. Submit your course selections

When your application has been approved by Dalhousie, you will receive an admission letter, which will contain your student ID number (called a Banner number), of the form B00XXXXXX. You will need this number to submit your course selections.

While you are waiting for your admission letter, you should choose your courses so that you are ready to submit your course selections as soon as you have your Banner number, to ensure that the courses you request are not full.

  1. For information on Computer Science courses please consult:
    (a) For course descriptions: Undergraduate Calendar
    (b) For course availability: Academic Timetable
    (c) For prerequisite knowledge and learning outcomes: FCS Undergraduate Curricula
  2. Consult with your academic advisor while choosing your Dalhousie courses to ensure your selected courses match your program requirements.
  3. Select more courses per term than you intend to take in case some of your selected courses are full.
  4. Please note the following conditions and select courses accordingly:
    • In each exchange term, you must take at least 3 Computer Science courses and at most 5 courses in total.
    • You must ensure that you have the necessary background for each course you choose. Use the link in 1(c) above to check that there are courses on your transcript that cover pre-requisite course material.
    • The following Computer Science courses are not open to exchange students: CSCI 4192, CSCI 8873, CSCI 8890, CSCI 8891, CSCI 8892, CSCI 8893
    • Graduate courses are available only to graduate exchange students.


5. Registration

After you have submitted your course selections, you may be contacted by a Faculty of Computer Science advisor to discuss, and possibly revise, your list of courses.

You will receive an email when your list of courses has been approved, and will be able to register for your courses at: DalOnline

You will need the Banner number on your admission letter to sign on.

Since the Dalhousie records system will have no prior record for you, the Faculty advisor who approved your course selections will have entered the necessary pre-requisite overrides which will allow you to register. If you still have difficulties with course registration, please contact international@cs.dal.ca