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Sungkyunkwan University (SKKU)

Department of Computer Science and Engineering (CSE)Department of Software (SWE)

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Extra Requirements


Language of Instruction

All courses in the College of Information Science and Engineering are taught in both English and Korean.



Exchange length

One or two semesters

Semester Dates

  Classes Examination
Fall Early September to mid December Included
Spring Early March to mid June Included

Note that a one-term exchange in the Dalhousie Fall term (SKKU Fall semester) works best with this program. A two-term exchange, or a one-term exchange in the SKKU Spring semester is feasible provided that you can plan to put the breaks following SKKU semesters to good use.

Course Load

Exchange students must take a full time course load of 9 to 18 SKKU credits per semester.


Course Catalogue http://www.skku.edu/eng_home/global/edu/inbound_2.jsp > Course Information

Exchange students are normally allowed to take courses only at undergraduate level unless approved otherwise.

For courses with pre-requisites, a student must have taken courses considered equivalent to the pre-requisites.

Some courses with capacity limits do not accept exchange students.

Exchange students may take any SKKU courses, subject to approval and language of instruction.


Exchange students may apply for accommodation in student residence, however, residence accommodation is not guaranteed.

On-campus housing information: Shin-gwan residence (Suwon campus)

Visa Requirements

A D2 visa is required. The default is a single-entry visa. If you intend to travel outside the country during your exchange period, you can request an alien card after arrival in Korea.


Health insurance is required, and must be obtained before arrival in Korea.


Recommended arrival dates (Fall) a couple of days before late August orientation
(August 27 in 2015)
Recommended arrival dates (Spring) a couple of days before late February orientation
(February 26 in 2015)
Is airport pick-up service available? Yes (KRW 50,000)

Estimated Expenses

Ranking Information