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Programs for Dalhousie FCS Students

Acknowledging the value that an international education experience can provide, the Faculty of Computer Science encourages current students to take advantage of the wide range of opportunities available.

"This exchange has been such a positive experience, from the new things I've learned in school to some of the people that I've met. There are a lot of computer science events held by large corporations that invite students from UK schools. I went to one that dealt with women in technology. It was an amazing networking experience."
– Viki Bojilova, Dalhousie BCS student on her exchange at the University of Brighton.

In addition to the many university-wide exchange programs that are open to FCS students, the Faculty offers several programs in the UK, Hong Kong, Germany, Korea and France, just for computer science students. Studying abroad for one or two terms is a great way to get a different perspective on your studies in computer science, make valuable connections, and gain the kind of experience that prospective employers look for. By carefully matching the courses you take with your Dalhousie degree requirements, you can graduate on time with the competitive edge that an international experience delivers.

Faculty of Computer Science Exchange Programs


Faculty of Computer Science Exchange Scholarships

FCS provides several scholarships of $1000 each for students who participate in FCS exchange programs. These scholarships are merit based, and can be held in addition to any other awards. No application is required for FCS Exchange Scholarships. They will be awarded based on the information in exchange applications.

University-Wide Programs

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