Novel Coronavirus (COVID‑19)

Updates relating to the Faculty of Computer Science

Last updated: May 5, 2020

We know that many of you will have concerns specific to the Faculty of Computer Science. We’ve attempted to address some of those below.

Please know that we are doing everything we can to limit the impact on your studies. We want you to feel supported and informed during this stressful time. 

Our building

The Mona Campbell Building and Goldberg Building are closed to public access. When closed, buildings can be accessed through swipe card access. We advise you to practice social distancing and remain off campus where possible. All Computer Science faculty and staff are now working from home, please see the communications section below for advice on how to contact us.

Learning Centre

The Learning Centre in the Goldberg Building will remain closed while classes are suspended. However, support is available online through the Learning Centre site.


Classes, labs and tutorials are now online. Please reach out to an instructor if you have questions about a specific course. For more general information and advice, you can check out this online resource to help you with remote learning.  


All in-person office hours relating to classes are suspended, as are in-person advising. This means that we will not be having drop-in advising appointments for the time being. If you have any questions, please email or


As you already know as a CS student, CSCI core courses and pre-requisites to CSCI courses require a minimum grade of C. However, please note:

  1. C- or a D in a CSCI core course can be converted to PASS, but this PASS is simply GPA-neutral. You would still be required to repeat the course and attain a grade of C or better.
  2. A PASS replacing a C- or D will not be sufficient in a pre-requisite course to another CSCI course.

Grading Process

1)  Students cannot make a request for any grade changes until all grades have been posted.  

2)  Starting April 15, 2020, students can make the request by: 

  1. Logging into their Dal Online account 
  2. Click on Student Records > Academic Record 
  3. Select “PASS/ILL” grade change waiver 
  4. Complete form and all required fields  
  5. The form will be sent to the RO, who will verify all required information (including B00#, Dal email and program) 
  6. The RO will forward the information to specific waiver designate as defined by each Faculty  
  7. The waiver designate will review the request and reach out to the student if there are specific considerations (i.e. impact on GPA, pre-requisites, repeated courses, etc.) that the student should take into account.  This may require a discussion with the waiver designate (or assigned advisor) and the student (email, phone, video conference) to ensure that student understands the impact(s) of the grade change(s). 
  8. After the waiver designate and student consultation is complete (if necessary), the wavier designate will email with one of the following responses:
    - approved as requested
    - approved with the following changes
    - request for grade change withdrawn 

3)  Important Deadlines:

  • Students planning to graduate in May:
    - Deadline for students to submit requests for grade changes:  May 8, 2020
    - Deadline for waiver designates to approve grade changes:  May 11, 2020 
  • All other students:
    - Deadline for students to submit requests for grade changes:  June 1, 2020
    - Request that waiver designates approve all grade changes by June 30, 2020

Research and Graduate Students

Research students should now be working off-site. We encourage you to talk to your supervisor directly about options for working remotely. Graduate students can find further updates through the Faculty of Graduate Studies FAQ's.

Co-op Placements

For students out on co-op, your work term continues. Expect communication from the SITE Co-op Office and be sure to coordinate with your Industry supervisor. 

Federal Government Funding & Support

We've gathered some of the key highlights pertaining to the Canada Emergency Response Benefit (CERB) and Canada Emergency Student Benefit (CESB) to better help you determine what you might be eligible for. Details can be found here

Faculty & ShiftKey Labs Events

All upcoming campus-planned events are canceled or postponed at this time.  



 Monitor your Dalhousie email address for on-going communications. You can reach your email via Outlook on the web. Communicating with us via your Dalhousie email address is especially helpful when providing you with support. Please try to use your Dalhousie email account whenever possible.

Microsoft Teams

We recommended using Microsoft Teams for instant messaging and online meetings. You can Download Microsoft Teams and sign-in using your Dalhousie NetID.

Some simple tips for getting the most out of Teams:

  • Teams are useful for ongoing collaboration and can include additional tools such as a file library, notebook, etc. You may be a part of some teams already in which case you can immediately join the conversation.
  • Direct chat is available from the "chat" tab and is the quickest solution for messaging a single person or a small ad-hoc group.
  • Use the calendar tab to set up an online audio or video conference. Use the "Meet Now" button to immediately setup a conference and then invite people to it. Or use the "New meeting" button to schedule a meeting and send invites for a date in the future. (It is easier to add invitees that are external to Dalhousie to a scheduled meeting, as the attendees field will accept email addresses that are external to Dalhousie.)

FCS-specific inquiries

Please send all concerns and questions relating to the Faculty of Computer Science to  or

You can also reach our technical support team at Our technical team can support all FCS-hosted services and will assist with directing you to the right support people for other Dalhousie services.

Our team of staff will continue to assess your needs and will work to find the best answers for you during this exceptional time.