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From our current students: advice for new students

Posted by Faculty of Computer Science on September 7, 2018 in Students, Graduate, Undergraduate

We went out and asked some of our current students to think back to when they first started here at the Faculty of Computer Science and Dalhousie. Each of them had something great to share - a little tidbit of advice to pass on to our newest students entering the Faculty this week. 

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What's it like being from another province? • • I think initially being from another province felt like an adventure. In high school I remember thinking that its really cool that I would take an airplane to get from home to school. Once I got to Dal I realized what being from another province would come with a lot of responsibility. There is so many little things you have to do on your own when you are living that far away from home and this causes a lot of personal growth. Being from far away also helps you bond with the people around you more. Majority of my friends are out of province students and we got to spend every weekend adventuring around Halifax and Nova Scotia rather then worrying about going home for things. What I always tell my friends back home is that when you aren’t from Dal your friends become your family. • • Knowing what I know now... • • My advice for first year students would be to not isolate yourself to just what’s happening in the computer science faculty. There is a lot of amazing things happening around Dal and great people to meet. Before coming to Dal I knew no one here. During first year I embraced a lot of what was happening around Dal and met so many different kinds of people. My main group of friends now is actually people from 5 different faculties and I couldn’t be happier. • • - Amy Steels, 3rd year Computer Science student

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