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A Programming Contest Accomplishment for Dalhousie G0ld

Posted by Nauzer Kalyaniwalla on October 29, 2015 in Students, News, Awards

Congratulations to Salman Mohammed, David Zorychta & Matt Farrell of the programming team, "Dalhousie G0ld", for coming in 3rd place, behind Mount Allison (1st) and UNB Fredericton (2nd) in this year's Science Atlantic Programming Competition. A total of 19 teams participated from the Atlantic region this year.

The Science Atlantic Programming Competition is a preliminary contest - which leads to the ACM ICPC world championship a multi-tier, team-based competition - and was held at Acadia University on Friday, October 23 as part of the annual Science Atlantic Math Stats and Computer Science conference.  

Dalhousie G0ld has been invited to participate in the North-East North America Regional Finals in Rochester, NY on Saturday, November 14, 2015. 

The following final round is the ICPC World Championiship which will be held in Phuket, Thailand in May 2016. 

Good luck to Dalhousie G0ld in the competitions ahead!