CS Seminar: Claucio H.S. Carvalho - Cloud Orchestration: Challenges and Approaches

Speaker: Glaucio H.S. Carvalho (Ryerson)

Title:   Cloud Orchestration: Challenges and Approaches


Cloud systems have evolved to an ecosystem that comprises of multiple tiers of clouds such as mobile edge computing, back-up cloud, and public cloud service providers working cooperatively to meet the massive demand for computing resources. In this talk, I will present my research on cloud orchestration - an initiative to control and allocate distributed cloud services in a timely manner for mobile users while achieving optimal operation and management. In this sense, design examples in multi-cloud environments from my previous and current research on performance and security of cloud systems will be described in addition to a look at the future of such amazing systems.    

Brief Bio:

Glaucio H.S. Carvalho received his BASc., MASc. and Ph.D degrees in Electrical Engineering from Federal University of Para (UFPA), Brazil. He worked as a Professor at UFPA from 2005 to 2015, Department of Computer Science. During this time he worked as a Chair of the Faculty of Information Systems and Vice-Chair of the Graduate Program in Computer Science. He worked twice as a Postdoctoral Fellow at Ryerson University (2013-2014) and (2015-2017), Department of Computer Science. Dr. Carvalho is an IEEE member and recently served as a Chair of the IEEE Toronto Section Signals & Computational Intelligence Joint Society. Over the last years, he has actively served as a TPC member of major conferences as IEEE GLOBECOM, IEEE ICC, IEEE AINA, IEEE VTC among others and a Reviewer of IEEE Journals and Magazines in the field of Cloud & Networking. He also served as an Associate Editor of Elsevier International Journal of Computer & Electrical Engineering, where he was a Top Associate Editor in 2011 and a Guest Editor of the Special Issue on the Design and Analysis of Wireless Systems: New inspirations, 2012. Dr. Carvalho’s research interests include performance analysis and security of cloud & distributed systems.




Room 127, Goldberg Computer Science Building