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PhD Thesis Proposal - Mitosis: A Research Data Management Tool

Who: Daniel Yule

Title: Mitosis: A Research Data Management Tool

Examining Committee:

Jamie Blustein - Faculty of Computer Science & School of Information Management (Supervisor)
Kirstie Hawkey - Faculty of Computer Science (Reader)
Carolyn Watters - Faculty of Computer Science (Reader)
Joyline Makani - School of Information Management (External Examiner)

Chair: Raghav V. Sampangi - Faculty of Computer Science


With the rapid growth of research data output spurred on by the proliferation of computing power, the ability to collect, preserve and make available research output has never been more important. This proposal surveys relevant ideas, examines existing systems and generates a list of requirements for a research data system. The full thesis will give a detailed  design of the proposed system, and demonstrate how it satisfies the derived requirements. This work is both a comprehensive survey of relevant research, which has not been undertaken previously, as well as a description of several novel ideas combined to make a research data management system.



Room 311, Goldberg Computer Science Building