Industry Collaboration

Engage with Dalhousie University's Faculty of Computer Science

We work with industry partners to shape and advance our leading edge research, and prepare our students to become leaders in the development and application of information technologies to real world problems. Nearly 80% of our research projects involve indutry partnerships.  

Our commitment to improving our world goes beyond the classroom and together we can make an impact.

Applied research partnerships with the Faculty of Computer Science

Our industrial research partners benefit from collaborating with us on faculty and student projects. Through partnering with us, organizations benefit from:

  • Opportunities to shape the direction of research being undertaken, influencing key developments in the field
  • Early access to research deliverables appropriate to company operations, providing a competitive business advantage
  • Faculty research expertise and supervisory experience
  • Access to knowledgeable, well-trained researchers and practitioners in the fields of Big Data Analytics, Systems, and HCI & Visualization
  • Strategic input into real-life business problems 
  • Access to top tier educators for company/organization seminars and educational module development and delivery 

Our research strengths

The Faculty has developed research strengths in several areas, including:

  • Data Analyics & Machine Learning
  • Data Management Systems
  • Computer Networking, Security & Privacy
  • High-Performance Computing & the Cloud
  • Visualization
  • Human Computer Interaction

Opportunities to partner with the Faculty of Computer Science

  1. Engage with our innovation hub for research, industry and the community: The Faculty is the largest Computer Science school in Atlantic Canada and home to the country’s only Institute for Big Data Analytics and technology sandbox ShiftKey Labs.
  2. Support and influence our groundbreaking research and innovation in the application of information technology to fields such as medicine, business, science and entertainment. Industry input helps guide progress in our core areas of focus - Big Data Analytics, Systems & Networking, and Human-Computer Interaction & Visualization. 
  3. Act as a catalyst for change and help us to bring more female talent and perspective into industry through an investment of time, expertise, and/or financial support in our We Are All CS initiative to double the number of female students entering our programs.
  4. Hire workplace ready students through co-op and internship opportunities, inspiring them to become your future leaders whilst they support your business growth.
  5. Enhance your company profile, reputation and expertise on campus and beyond.